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  • Shipping Containers Are Finding New Uses as Drive-Thru Convenience Stores

    Farm Stores is a drive-thru convenience store made of shipping containers that began in the 1950s in Florida, selling fresh food and dairy products. The stores also sell basic household things like pet food and cleaning products. This month the franchise will be opening a new model, a store made up of two shipping containers.
  • YEG Coffee Can: Shipping Container Coffee Shop

    Shipping containers are always being used in fun, innovative ways these days, and one new interesting take on the recycled container is from YEG Coffee Can in Edmonton, Alberta has a new take on the coffee can, by setting up a coffee shop in a shipping container.
  • Portable Shipping Container Tiki Bar in Long Beach, California

    Tiki bars just keep moving up in the world, but Marie’s Tek-Tec in Long Beach might be the first tiki bar we’ve heard of that can actually move. It’s housed in a custom-converted shipping container that opens up to be a full-fledged drinkery, but can also fold up, hitch to a truck and be moved to new locations for pop-ups and events.
  • Shipping Container Pop-Up Stores

    Pop-up shops have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they are a common use for a shipping container. A pop-up shop is a small store of some kind that is only open for days or months. Since they are so temporary, and may need to be transported, shipping containers are the perfect match for this type of store.
  • Shipping Container Pop-Up Stores Bring Frequently Changing Fun to Vancouver

    The Vancouver House in Vancouver, Canada is putting together a Summer Pop-up Series which will be holding a range of shops throughout the summer, all housed in a shipping container. The series kicked off on June 10 and will be running until September 21. Every week there will be something new in the container, with the exception of the final two weeks, which will have the same shop.
  • Shipping Containers Find Use as Secure Bicycle Hubs

    As going green becomes increasingly popular, people all over the world are trading in their cars for bicycles, some are even getting electric bikes. Cyclehoop has taken bike security to another level with their Container Cycle Hub made of shipping containers.
  • Gulf Restaurant Made of Shipping Containers in Alabama

    Blue shipping containers make up the structural foundation of The Gulf’s bar area, restrooms, kitchen, and retail shop. The sea merchant-like industrial chic view from the street screams “this is a cool place.” The edgy, hardworking vibe smoothly transitions into beach chill and tiptoes into to upscale with lux white outdoor seating areas.

  • Lightbox Restroom Made of Shipping Containers

    Why shine a light on containers when some of them can shine all on their own? This reflective shipping container, lightbox restroom is dazzling onlookers in Mumbai, India and providing them with a clean, stylish place to freshen up in the middle of the city.

  • Architect Helps Starbucks Go Green with Shipping Containers

    Globally acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has once again constructed a gorgeous building for the coffee giant. This time, however, rather than going with a traditional brick-and-mortar building with flair, Kuma has decided to forgo convention and create a location made entirely from shipping containers for Starbucks’ first store in Taiwan and the Asian Pacific region.

  • Nomadic Hospitality with Shipping Containers

    Shipping container innovation has taken a leap to new heights with this amazing mobile hotel by AccorHotels. The French multinational hospitality company AccorHotels owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties, and has finally achieved its vision and more with the Flying Nest.

  • Shipping Container Salons and Spas

    The versatility of shipping containers has led to countless business owners setting up shop in a shipping container instead of a traditional building. One unique type of business for shipping containers is in the health and wellness industry, specifically salons and spas.

  • New Trends: Mobile Shipping Container Restaurants

    Shipping containers are a versatile commodity. There is so much that you can do with them that you may have never even known. Mobile shipping container restaurants are one of those new and fashionable ways of using storage containers that is taking the country by storm.