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New Trends: Mobile Restaurants

New Trends: Mobile Restaurants


Shipping containers are a versatile commodity. There is so much that you can do with them that you may have never even known. Mobile restaurants are one of those new and fashionable ways of using storage containers that is taking the country by storm. Many restaurant owners wanted a cost-efficient, compact, eco-friendly way to start up their businesses, and storage containers made that possible for them. You may be wondering why someone would think to make a restaurant out of a storage container, and we’re here to tell you a few reasons why. Check out some of these container restaurants and the reasons why they are a dream come true for the owners and patrons.

Shipping container restaurants are small and unobtrusive. They take up much less space than most brick and mortar buildings and can be set up in a flash. Restaurant owners are able to set up shop quickly without going through the hassle and long wait times of constructing a building from scratch.

Container restaurants are also chic and edgy with a new and interesting look that old-school buildings just don’t have. These restaurants draw people in based on the sheer curiosity of the customers alone. They have a fun, casual look that shows customers that the restaurant is a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere that they can enjoy with friends. 

Some franchise owners are even going the storage container route because the containers are economical and very reasonably priced. The costs of setting up a container restaurant are vastly cheaper than brick and mortar buildings. Once you have the location, all you need to worry about is the inexpensive cost of the storage container and whatever restaurant equipment is necessary for food preparation and patron dining.

One of the best selling points of a storage container restaurant is in its mobility. If the owner finds a better location or needs to move, the contents of the container can be packed up and the storage unit can be shipped to wherever it needs to go. If you want to take your restaurant cross-country, you are free to do so.

The restaurants can be chic and high-class or casual and open for everyone. The beauty is in their versatility. However, you wish to design your container restaurant completely determine its look and feel. There is truly an endless number of things you can do with them. If you happen to see a container restaurant in your local area, drop by and get in on the fun for yourself.

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