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Lightbox Restroom Made of Shipping Containers

Why shine a light on shipping containers when some of them can shine all on their own?

This reflective shipping container, lightbox restroom is dazzling onlookers in Mumbai, India and providing them with a clean, stylish place to freshen up in the middle of the city.

Mumbai Shipping Container Restroom

Designed by architect Rohan Chavan, this Mumbai restroom is a big hit with travelers and locals alike. The public restroom was constructed from a single, old, recycled shipping container. The center of the restroom is a garden measuring 15’ x 10’ that is used for various activities like a place to rest, a free gallery to display art for amateur artists, a place for lectures and awareness campaigns, celebrating festivals, seasonal activities, and events.

The shipping container restroom is fitted with a biodigester to reduce the use of freshwater as well as improve the waste management system. It also includes a nursing room and several other amenities such as a sanitary pad vending machine, incinerator, CCTV cameras, mobile charging points, and a panic alarm system in place.

Chic Design With Shipping Containers

The chic design of the storage container restroom was conceptualized around a tree which serves as the major focal point of the restroom aesthetic. One reason for the tree was to provide shade from the garden below, and another reason was to show nature and its characteristics. Sitting in the middle of one of Mumbai’s busiest roads, the restroom “sets a great example for planners and urban designers to look into issues of planning cities as one cohesive plan than in bits and parts,” according to Chavan.

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