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  • Conex Box or Shipping Container: Is There a Difference?

    Whether you call them “shipping containers,” “storage containers,” “Conex” (or Connex) boxes,” or “ISO boxes,” they are all the same thing – large metal, weather-resistant containers used to store or ship things. They are also all controlled by strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure they are universally interchangeable.

  • Shipping Container Photo Contest - October, 2020

    Winner - Dan from Colorado Congratulations to Dan from Divide, Colorado on winning of our 'Container of the Month' competition! Dan purc...
  • Shipping Container Photo Contest - September, 2020

    Winner - Aaron from Indiana Congratulations to Aaron from Plainfield, Indiana on winning of our 'Container of the Month' competition! Aa...
  • Shipping Container Photo Contest - August, 2020

    Winner - Golden Storage from Minnesota Congratulations to Golden Storage from Cushing, Minnesota on winning of our 'Container of the Mon...
  • Shipping Container Photo Contest - July, 2020

    Winner - Mike from West Virginia Congratulations to Mike from Walker, West Virginia on winning of our 'Container of the Month' competition...
  • 40' Storage Containers For Sale

    40 foot storage containers are one of the most common sights for anyone living in a port city. Most people assume they are simply designed for the world of freight and have no other purpose- but this is where those people are wrong!

  • Shipping Container Photo Contest - June, 2020

    Winner - Frank from Maine Congratulations to Frank from Bingham, Maine on being the very first winner of our 'Container of the Month' comp...
  • 20' Storage Containers For Sale

    When starting your search for shipping containers, the size is one of the most crucial things to consider. While you might be set on a 20 foot container, you perhaps haven't considered the merits of a 40 foot container. All shipping containers have their pros and cons; here are a few to consider when looking for a 20 foot storage container for sale in your area.
  • Shipping Containers For Sale Near Me

    Getting started in your search for a shipping container can feel like a daunting task. There's such a large variety of shipping containers for sale and ways to buy them, so it's totally understandable that you may feel overwhelmed- particularly if this is the first time you're buying shipping containers.
  • Start Your Own Shipping Container Self-Storage Facility

    Building your own storage facility can be a breeze with the use of shipping containers. Below is a list of things you will need to start your own ...
  • How to Build a Shipping Container Cabin

    I have tried to summarize my construction posts here to make it easier for someone to get an overview of what was done.  I consider this a living ...
  • The World’s First Shipping Container Bridge

    A 525-foot long bridge made of shipping containers is the entrance to Israel's massive Ariel Sharon National Park.