NEW Rent-To-Own options now available! Click here for more information.

Shipping Container Financing Options


Container One is proud to announce our partnership with My Container Rental for a Rent-To-Own solution for your purchases.

The process will only takes a few steps:
  • Order a container from our website
  • Click on 'Pay By Rent To Own' button in cart
  • Complete the application
    • Once approved, we will arrange delivery

    That's it! It's simple and you can get started right away. Please note, you must place the order through our website to apply.

    All containers are eligible except AS-IS condition.

    Rent-To-Own FAQ
      Q: Is the Rent-To-Own program and My Container Rental owned/managed by ContainerOne?   
      A: ContainerOne has no ownership, or control over My Container Rental. My Container Rental is a completely separate business.
        Q: What are the interest rates? 
        A: There is no interest or principal, this is a rental rate. 
          Q: Do you check my credit?  
          A: We do not run credit checks prior to approval, and we do not report to credit agencies. 
            Q: Will my payment amount ever change? Are there hidden fees?   
            A: Your payment amount will never change. The monthly payment is comprised of Rent + Tax only. 
              Q: What is the Liability Damage Waiver? 
              A: The liability damage waiver is protection for your container when something happens to it out of your control. We do not protect the contents of the container, just the container itself. The Liability Damage Waiver covers you for the total remaining balance of your contract. The cost of this protection is $5/mo
                Q: Can I use the Rent-To-Own program in all 50 states?
                A: All states are accepted except Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

                Q: Can I use the Rent-To-Own with all container conditions? 
                A: All containers are eligible except AS-IS condition.


                Rent-To-Own Calculation

                Get an estimated payment by adding containers to your cart, and see the estimated payment under the subtotal. 

                Financing Option With


                 Click here to find out more information about Shop Pay. 

                Container One has partnered with Affirm and Shopify to provide a financing solution. Shop Pay allows customers the option to split their purchase into a payment plan with Shop Pay monthly installments.

                Please click on the Shop Pay button at checkout for lightning-quick approval with no hard credit check. This process will take less than a minute.

                • You can pay off your balance at anytime

                Affirm is the originator and servicer of Shop Pay installments, but payments are managed in your Shop Pay account.


                All financing is handled through our partners and questions about how the financing works can be answered on this page and on their respective websites.  The financing companies are an entity and are not affiliated with Container One in any way, except as our financing partners for customers who choose to use their service as a method of repayment.


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