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How To Buy a Conex Container Online

Last updated: February 2024

Here is a list of things to consider and questions to ask when making your decision to buy a conex container.

Before You Buy A Conex Box

Buying a conex box container online is like buying any item online. However, when you purchase something costing thousands of dollars, it’s nice to have some assurance that you're getting exactly what you paid for. One challenge to buying used conex shipping containers is that you don’t get to see photos of the exact container that you’re buying. This is why it is critical to buy from a company like Container One with years of experience, great customer service, and an excellent warranty. 

Here are a few red flags of companies to avoid:

  • Give low-ball quotes without including fees or container delivery cost

  • No Terms & Conditions on their website

  • False warranty claims that are different than the Terms & Conditions

  • Selling lower grade AS-IS condition containers as WWT (Wind & Water Tight)

  • No BBB page or BBB reviews

  • No Google reviews

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Steps To Buying A Conex Container Online 

Container One provides the easiest process to purchase conex shipping containers online. After entering your zip code, you’ll get an instant accurate quote with delivery included in the price. 

  • Enter your zip code

  • Select your container size and grade, add to cart

  • Add your preferred delivery method

  • Choose your payment option

  • Check out

Once those steps are completed, we will arrange delivery with you. 

Choose Conex Container Size to Purchase

Container One sells the 3 most common sizes of shipping containers including 20 ft standard, 40 ft standard, and 40 ft high cubes (1 foot taller than standard). These containers are 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet tall for standard and 9.5 feet tall for high cubes.

Choose Used Conex Container Conditions

Used conex containers come in 3 different grades: 


  • Highest/best condition containers offered

  • Have only made one voyage across the sea, considered new

  • 5-year structural and leak-free warranty

Cargo Worthy

  • Used with minor imperfections like slight rust or dents

  • Guaranteed to pass certification for international shipping

  • 5-year structural and 1-year leak-free warranty

Wind and Water Tight (WWT) 

  • Used and no longer certifiable to ship cargo on trains and ships

  • Great for storing and protecting personal items from the elements

  • 5-year structural and 1-year leak-free warranty


  • Used units and will most likely have holes, floor damage and other fixable repairs

Choose Conex Container Delivery Method

Shipping container delivery cost can be a major factor in completing your purchase. It is important to ensure your quoted price includes delivery of the container to your destination of choice. Some companies will quote you a container price and delivery price separately or during purchase Container One generates quotes with the cost of delivery included.

Choose Payment Option

Container One offers a variety of payment options including financing. You can pay in full using a credit or debit card, check, or ACH. Or you can break your purchase into payments with container financing or rent-to-own. 

Arrange Container Delivery To Your Property

Once you complete your purchase of a shipping container, we will arrange the container delivery to your property. The delivery includes a 5-point inspection to verify the condition of the container is satisfactory. 

Used Conex Container Warranties

Conex containers are made of COR-TEN steel, which is a special type of steel that is made to withstand the elements. A shipping container can be used to transport cargo thousands of times across the sea and will last a lifetime if properly maintained. It is recommended to look for a company that offers a warranty that covers both the structural integrity of the container, as well as the doors, floors and roof of your shipping container.

Container One offers various warranties ranging from an industry-leading 5-year structural guarantee in addition to a 1-year no-leak guarantee on applicable containers. You can search our containers and see the warranties provided. 

Most companies do not offer warranties with their containers. Be wary of organizations that are aiming to offload products instead of selling and supporting their customers.

Questions or Customer Support 

If you are confused about any part of the purchase process or you have any questions about containers, call one of our specialists at (866) 478-1615 or type your question into the chat window. 

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