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Nomadic Hospitality with Shipping Containers

Shipping container innovation has taken a leap to new heights with this amazing mobile hotel by AccorHotels. The French multinational hospitality company AccorHotels owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties, and has finally achieved its vision and more with the Flying Nest.

Turning Shipping Containers Into Living Spaces

Renowned French designer, Ora Ito, designed the beautiful concept of the Flying Nest and set it on its course for creation. The project to create the Flying Nest converted old, recycled storage containers into mobile and sustainable guest living spaces. These mobile hotels can be easily transported and reassembled in any and every location.

The goal behind the traveling hotel’s creation was to provide a high-class hospitable guest living that could be used for a variety of events such as music festivals and business meetings. The project actualizes a green initiative as it is self-sufficient and finished in eco-friendly wood.

Shipping Container Dimensions

Each shipping container is 12 square meters, and each container is individually designed by Ito to achieve the high-quality art of Finnish comprise. All of the containers feature a living area, sleeping area, and private bathroom for guests. Large, open windows have also been incorporated into the bedroom space to grant a beautiful picturesque view of the landscape that the Flying Nest happens to find itself in.

The Conex containers of this eye-catching hotel are arranged into small islands of six modules, each with connecting terraces to encourage interaction between the guests. In addition to being easily transportable, this mobile hotel is beautiful and boasts an unforgettable experience and an incredible level of warmth and comfort for guests, no matter where they are located.

Container One Shipping Containers

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