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Shipping Container Pop-Up Stores

Pop-up shops have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they are a common use for a shipping container. A pop-up shop is a small store of some kind that is only open for days or months. Since they are so temporary, and may need to be transported, shipping containers are the perfect match for this type of store.

Why a Shipping Container Pop-Up Store?

They are a unique style of store that seems to appear overnight and vanish just as quickly, giving the people around it a sense of urgency at visiting the shop while it lasts. Oftentimes they are opened to test out a new product or idea, to see if it is worth pursuing on a more permanent basis; this can give them a better idea than if they just advertised the new product.

Restaurants and coffee shops can use a pop-up to determine if they would do well enough in a new area to open a new store, or to test a new menu. This is also a good way for online-only retailers to get to interact with their clientele face-to-face, to help them decide if their line needs changes, or if they would do well expanding off the web.


Shipping Containers and Pop-Ups

One reason shipping containers make such great pop-up shops is because of how easy they are to move around. You can take your store straight to your target audience with a storage container, and your inventory is already set up and ready to go when you get there, you just have to open the doors.

If your company has a lot of space in the parking lot, you can set up shipping container pop-ups in there, utilizing some of that unused space and giving you a place to try out new ideas that is outside of your store. A shipping container fits easily in a parking space or two, depending on the size, and when it is not in use, it is easy to store out of the way.

Unlike renting out some empty retail space for your pop-up and having to make do with the layout of what you have, you can completely customize your shipping container to make it look exactly how you want, which will help it reflect your brand too. It is fairly easy to get your container wired for electricity and set up with running water. A container pop-up is also less expensive than renting out retail space for your short-term shop.

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Author: Auz Burger