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YEG Coffee Can: Shipping Container Coffee Shop

Shipping containers are always being used in fun, innovative ways these days, and one new interesting take on the recycled storage container is from YEG Coffee Can in Edmonton, Alberta has a new take on the coffee can, by setting up a coffee shop in a shipping container. Called the Sea Can, the mobile coffee shop that is moving around the city regularly.

"The unit will be mobile throughout the summer," owner Tony Phung said. "We want to keep it interesting and place it in different parts of Edmonton to showcase areas that people can walk to and have great scenery."

The changing of locations is part of a larger project, called the Walkable Edmonton Initiative, which aims to get more people exploring the local neighborhoods that they might otherwise not visit.

Doubles as a Shipping Container Bakery

In addition to serving coffee, the café also serves donuts made by a local bakery. In addition to moving locations, the cafe will also be rotating the companies who supply their coffee beans, showcasing the wider range of options that are available locally.

The 15-foot shipping container traveled about 600 shipping routes before it was decommissioned in China, and later sent to Alberta where Phung transformed it into a unique cafe experience. Since it does not look like your average coffee shop, Phung painted signs on the container that announce the coffee shop's presence.

"The countertops are just like a regular bar," Phung told CBC Radio's Edmonton AM. "It's got granite there. It's got vinyl luxury vinyl tiles. The entire thing has hydraulics for the doors and a little patio and a roof. It's just like a mini bar, with a patio."

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