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Shipping Container Industry Applications


Down on the farm: Unique uses of shipping containers for ag applications include farm equipment or feed storage, livestock housing, barns, sheds or outbuildings, greenhouses, or gardens.

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Taking care of business: Commercial developers and business owners tap into the benefits of shipping containers by developing them into storefronts, apartment complexes, self-storage facilities, medical facilities, and additional workspace.

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On-Site Storage

Construction zone: Conex boxes are an excellent on-site storage option for all types of construction equipment and materials. Construction companies use the steel boxes to store all types of equipment, tools and other supplies like backhoes, excavators, skid steers, bulldozers and excavators. They also use shipping containers as a climate-controlled storage facility for building materials like lumber, steel, concrete, sand and stone.

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Home sweet home: Shipping containers have many residential purposes. Customers love to customize them for family homes, vacation cabins, garages, garden sheds, swimming pools, and more.

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Pop-up shops: Shipping containers are commonly repurposed as drive-through convenience stores, pop-up farmers· markets, shopping malls, temporary and portable spas or salons, event concession stands, and cafes.

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Self Storage Facilities

Secure storage: Because they are durable and secure, shipping containers are ideal for storing items that need protection from thieves, pests, and harsh conditions. Customers routinely use them to store almost anything, including vehicles, supplies, personal belongings, and construction materials.

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