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Architect Helps Starbucks Go Green with Shipping Containers

Globally acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has once again constructed a gorgeous building for the coffee giant. This time, however, rather than going with a traditional brick-and-mortar building with flair, Kuma has decided to forgo convention and create a location made entirely from shipping containers for Starbucks’ first store in Taiwan and the Asian Pacific region.

Made With Shipping Containers

This shipping container building is beautifully crafted and a marvel to behold. Made with 29 perfectly white shipping containers, this two-story building is spacious, bright, and functional. Clear panels on parts of the roof act as skylights letting in plenty of sunlight while the tall spread out structure creates a geometric, chic setting for coffee drinkers. As part of Starbucks’ new initiative and commitment to sustainable stores, this store sets the framework for future projects.

Decorated with murals of aboriginal Amis people, this Starbucks is sure to please locals and tourists alike as it ties in the deep cultural meaning for the Taiwanese city. This big, glorious Starbucks is expected to function as a drive-thru in the Hualien Bay Mall that will soon open to the public.

By combining his vision with Chinese bucket architecture, Kuma has created a beautiful, green structure and has proven that shipping container structures can be chic, stylish, functional, and awe-inspiring.

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