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Shipping Containers Find Use as Secure Bicycle Hubs

As going green becomes increasingly popular, people all over the world are trading in their cars for bicycles, some are even getting electric bikes. Cyclehoop has taken bike security to another level with their Container Cycle Hub made of shipping containers.

While ditching your car for a bike is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint, bikes are often stolen, even if they are locked securely on a rack outside of a building. These shipping container Hubs allow people to securely store their bikes, so they don't have to worry about them being stolen while they go about their workday.

The First Shipping Container Bicycle Hub

The first Hub was unveiled in February for the Waltham Forest Council’s offices to give their staff a secure place to store their bikes during the workday.

Bicycle Hub Made of Shipping Containers

Made from a single shipping container, the Hub can store up to 24 bikes securely. Each unit has high-security gates and a mechanical locking system that requires a code; electric locks are also available, the point of the lock is that it does not require a key. It has solar panels to power its motion sensor internal lighting that runs from dusk to dawn, and it allows in natural light during the day.

This concept can easily be adapted for your own company needs, by simply outfitting your own shipping container with some bicycle racks and adding locks and other security features to it. It is also easy to expand upon if you end up needing more space for bike parking.

The great thing about using a shipping container for your bicycle hub is that it is easy to relocate, and it only takes up a single parking space. Shipping containers are difficult to break into and depending on the lock and security features you add to it, this can be a completely secure place for your employees to store their bikes during the day, so they won’t have to worry about if their bike will still be waiting for them at the end of the day.

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Author: Auz Burger