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The Gulf Restaurant

Blue shipping containers make up the structural foundation of The Gulf’s bar area, restrooms, kitchen, and retail shop. The sea merchant-like industrial chic view from the street screams “this is a cool place.” The edgy, hardworking vibe smoothly transitions into beach chill and tiptoes into to upscale with lux white outdoor seating areas, long dining tables and covered gazebos, and sand under your feet.

Another example of the versatility of shipping containers, The Gulf restaurant was designed to engulf (pun intended) the marine feel of the area, with its waterfront location and panoramic views of the boats heading in and out, but when the sun goes down and the string lights come on, it can go from port to plush in an instant.

Whether you’re designing a restaurant, retail space, event space, a barn, or your own residence, you can capture the same versatility. With planning and the right details, a shipping container structure can meet the highest aesthetic standards while meeting the most technical industry standards. The quick building and fewer materials needed, paired with the portability, make it a more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible option. And when it’s served its purpose, you can put it out to pasture. Literally.

At ContainerOne we build, design, and modify your container to meet the needs of your space and purpose, and you can count on our quality to last in the sun, the rain, salt air… let us help you make your next project a standout.

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