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Shipping Container Salons and Spas

The versatility of shipping containers has led to countless business owners setting up shop in a shipping container instead of a traditional building. One unique type of business for shipping containers is in the health and wellness industry, specifically salons and spas.

Relaxing Atmosphere in a Shipping Container Spa

While having your massage in a large steel box may not sound appealing, the containers can be modified to give your business the right relaxing atmosphere. Since they are such an unconventional structure for a salon or spa, they will help catch the eye of potential patrons, and curiosity should help bring in new business.

Using a shipping container also opens up the possibility of putting your salon or spa on wheels and bringing it to your clientele. Having a traveling spa with some basic features would grant you the ability to offer parties, where you bring your container straight to the customer and give them whatever spa or salon treatments they are looking for. This can also give you the opportunity to take your business with you to events, like concerts, and offer basic services to the attendees. Offering services that require large amounts of water can make it difficult to do a traveling service, but you can set up a small reservoir to help with that.

Shipping Container Salon in Texas

A small chain in Texas has a full-service salon built entirely out of shipping containers. The Salon and Spa Galleria opened their location in a shipping container business park in March and the location has been praised for its uniqueness and innovation by many.

Water services can be easily added to any container spa. Shipping containers are easily converted into swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas, and they are watertight containers, so you do not have to worry as much about leaks.

Shipping Container Spa in San Francisco, California

An example of a spa business using containers for water services is SOAK in San Francisco, California. SOAK is comprised of four shipping containers and is considered an “urban bathhouse for healthy hedonists.” The spa includes a sauna, hot tubs, and a deck on the roof, all surrounding a small enclosed courtyard. SOAK collects rainwater for about 50 percent of the water it uses in the hot tubs, and it runs on solar panels. The design is intended to allow the spa to be a pop up that can go anywhere.

Shipping Container Spa in Singapore

Another successful full-service spa made of shipping containers is Nimble/Knead, in Singapore. It opened in 2013 and its unique physical appearance is enjoyed by many of its patrons. The spa’s entire theme is set around the use of these shipping containers for treatments.

These are just some of the salons and spas in shipping containers around the world.

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