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Shipping Containers Are Finding New Uses as Drive-Thru Convenience Stores

Farm Stores is a drive-thru convenience store made of shipping containers that began in the 1950s in Florida, selling fresh food and dairy products. The stores also sell basic household things like pet food and cleaning products. This month the franchise will be opening a new model, a store made up of two shipping containers.

“I had this vision of a Farm Store in a container for two reasons,” Maurice Bared, Farm Stores owner and CEO, told CNN. “First, the shoebox layout of a container is the same exact size as our stores. I also grew up in the construction industry with my father having his own business. It’s where I saw the foremen had converted shipping containers into their offices.”

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Expanding With Shipping Containers

Bared would like all of the locations to be built out of shipping containers, "but the local building codes and ordinances won't allow it in some places." Part of the allure of the shipping container buildings is that they are made to withstand harsh weather, even hurricanes, which is something people in that region of the United States are concerned about.


The two containers are welded together and attached to a concrete platform, then painted red to look like a barn. This store is placed on a route that will be on the way home for people running their kids to and from school or oilfield workers heading to work, which is the purpose of the stores.

These little drive-thru shipping container stores are set up so that someone drives up to the window and orders their groceries, then the employees bring them out to their cars. It's perfect for someone who's on the go and doesn't have time to stop off at a traditional store.

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