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  • Portable Toilets, Concession Stands, and Guard Stations: Some Common Uses for 10-Foot Shipping Containers

    The 10-foot shipping container offers durability, versatility, and portability in various residential and commercial usage. They provide additional functional space, but their biggest advantage is that they are often used on a more temporary basis, which can be convenient for some purposes.
  • Keeping Your Shipping Container Cool in the Summer

    Unless specifically built to be refrigerated, shipping containers are just like your car – external conditions dictate the internal temperature. The shipping containers are typically made from steel, which conducts heat very well. Temperature control is significant if you’re living in your shipping container, using it as an office, or storing items that are especially susceptible to heat and humidity.
  • 8 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Conex Container

    You might be in a pinch and need a Conex container ASAP. But while it might be tempting to buy the first thing that looks like it will serve your intended purpose, taking the time to make sure you make the right decision will save you time, money, and hassle later. So, what do you need to consider when buying a Conex container? In this blog, you’ll learn eight things you should consider while choosing your next shipping container.
  • How to Insulate a Shipping Container - 5 Commonly Used Methods

    There are various things to consider when buying a shipping container, including cost, size, condition, usage, security, surface prep, location, accessories, and maintenance. All these variables are important and should be on your mind before you start searching for and then purchasing a shipping container.
  • Shipping Container Accessories Enhance Functionality, Security, and Protection

    There are various uses for shipping containers – storage, mobile businesses, small or large homes, offices, cafes, and more. Depending on the application or usage, purchasing accessories for your shipping container will help protect the contents inside and improve functionality.