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  • 4 Ways Shipping Containers Are Used in the Construction Industry

    One trend that has been gaining steam in the construction industry is the use of shipping containers as mobile, versatile, and secure options for storage and other functional applications. This blog will highlight some of the most common ways construction companies are repurposing shipping containers in the field.
  • Using Shipping Containers to Put the 'Shop' in Workshop

    There are a ton of creative and practical applications for used shipping containers. They can be used for much more than just shipping or storing materials. Did you know you could live in a shipping container or convert one into an office or a café? When it comes to shipping container usage, the sky's the limit.
  • Keeping Your Shipping Container Cool in the Summer

    Unless specifically built to be refrigerated, shipping containers are just like your car – external conditions dictate the internal temperature. The shipping containers are typically made from steel, which conducts heat very well. Temperature control is significant if you’re living in your shipping container, using it as an office, or storing items that are especially susceptible to heat and humidity.
  • 5 Tips for Organizing Your Shipping Container Shed

    The only thing better than a well-constructed, secure, and spacious shipping container shed is if it's well organized, so you’re not wasting time trying to find the lawn, gardening, or home improvement tools and equipment you need. With so many outside chores to get done before the sun goes down, you can’t afford to waste a minute of daylight.
  • Shipping Containers: The Perfect Garden Shed

    Instead of investing a lot of money and time into building a standard wooden shed, purchasing a steel shipping container to serve as your garden shed is the ideal solution. Shipping containers make great garden sheds for many reasons, mainly because they are cost-effective, durable, safe, secure, and long-lasting.
  • Do Shipping Containers Make Good Storage Sheds?

    With spring now in full bloom, your honey-do list may include spring cleaning, and reshuffling all your lawn and garden tools in your garage. Have you been wanting to purchase a shed for all your yard gadgets but have been reluctant to pay the cost? How about considering a used shipping container instead.


  • Shipping Container Garage: 6 Step Guide to Expanding Your Storage Space

      Personal and business vehicles. Lawn and farm equipment. Tools and workbenches. Outdoor furniture and pool equipment.  No matter what size garage...
  • Cross-Country Moving Made Easy with Portable Shipping Containers

    Moving to a new place requires lots of time, effort, and planning, which can quickly become an overwhelming ordealBetween all of the packing, wrappingand boxes piling up around you – not to mention the pricey quotes you’ve received from five different moving companies – moving may very well seem like an insurmountable task.
  • 8 Ways to Enhance Your Shipping Container Security

    Keeping your most prized possessions (or anything you may own) in a heavy-duty steel box seems like a good plan. Shipping containers are great for storage and offer protection from weather and wildlife. But unless they are outfitted with security measures, they aren’t 100 percent foolproof if a vandal or thief really wants to take a look at your stuff. That’s the case with any storage structure like a garage, barn, shed, or pole building.
  • 4 Reasons You Should Consider Shipping Containers for Storage

    Whether you’re shopping for a new home or commercial business space, it’s highly unlikely that the last statement would be a deal-breaker. That’s because when it comes to having enough storage space, there is no such thing as too much room.
  • How to Start Your Own Shipping Container Self-Storage Business

    What you’ll learn: This blog provides all the necessary information you’ll need to know if you’re considering investing in a self-storage busine...
  • The World’s First Shipping Container Bridge

    Shipping containers can be made into almost any structure you need them to nowadays, including bridges. In Israel, at Ariel Sharon National Park, there is a 525-foot bridge that is made up entirely of shipping containers.