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Portable Toilets, Concession Stands, and Guard Stations: Some Common Uses for 10-Foot Shipping Containers

10 Foot Collapsible Shipping Container


While 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers are most commonly used – especially for transporting goods – there is a smaller size that can significantly impact storage space and other practical applications. 

The 10-foot shipping container offers durability, versatility, and portability in various residential and commercial usage. They provide additional functional space, but their biggest advantage is that they are often used on a more temporary basis, which can be convenient for some purposes. 

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That advantage is especially evident with 10’ collapsible shipping containers. Container One is the only supplier in the market of these specialized containers. They’re delivered collapsed and are very easy to assemble and transport.  

These units are ideal for extra storage in any type of residential or commercial area. Customers use the 10-foot shipping containers as sheds, offices, she sheds, and man caves.

In addition to these general uses, there are other more specific ways 10-foot shipping containers, including the collapsible versions, are being utilized. This blog will highlight a few of those unique applications. 


The smaller 10-foot shipping containers are built perfectly for various uses on construction sites, oil and gas well locations, or other projects located in more secluded areas.  

Some of these applications include:  


A 10-foot shipping container can be customized as a restroom on work sites. This would be welcome news to workers who are typically forced to use unsanitary, uncomfortable, and smelly port-a-potties.  

Small shipping containers are being used as a more comfortable, durable, and clean alternative. It’s not a stretch to say that modified shipping container bathrooms can boost employee morale and increase efficiency on work sites. 

Not only are they easier to clean and longer-lasting, but they are easily transported from job site to job site.  


Working outside in extreme weather can be tough on construction crews. They need a place of respite to take a break and hydrate. But since sites are typically far from established buildings, shelter is limited. 

That’s where a 10-foot shipping container comes to the rescue. A modified shipping container can be used as a mobile break room for workers. They can easily be customized to add amenities like climate control, electricity, and plumbing.  

Guard Station

Worksites must be safe and secure to avoid worker injury and trespassing. To make that happen, many sites have guardhouses at the entrance. They employ someone to make sure only authorized personnel are admitted. 

A 10-foot shipping container is a functional solution for a guardhouse because it is compact, mobile, and offers security. It’s also easily transported around a job site if needed or from one location to another. 

Job Site Office

Small shipping containers are increasingly being used as office space on project sites. They can serve as professional workspace in an environment that is safe and climate-controlled. They can be placed directly on the ground with no foundation necessary.  

Using a shipping container in this way is typically cheaper than building a structure from the ground or renting a prefabricated structure.  


Seasonal events like fairs, festivals, concerts, and sports tournaments typically sell food concessions or event merchandise. Many times, there aren’t permanent booths or structures where these items can be peddled, and a concession stand from scratch can be expensive or not even possible. 

A 10-foot shipping container can be customized to the proper specifications and serve as a pop-up concession stand. These can be outfitted with a roll-up window for convenience and easily transported away after the event is over. These containers can also serve as ticket booths and information stations.

With versatility, durability, and the convenience of being used on a location-by-location basis, 10-foot shipping containers – including 10-foot collapsible shipping containers - are a worthy investment. We also offer a variety of other sizes, click here to receive pricing for shipping containers near you.