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Shipping Container Accessories Enhance Functionality, Security, and Protection

Shipping Container Accessories

There are various uses for shipping containers – storage, mobile businesses, small or large homes, offices, cafes, and more. Depending on the application or usage, purchasing accessories for your shipping container will help protect the contents inside and improve functionality. 

Not all shipping containers require accessories, but here are some accessories you should consider purchasing if they make sense for your application: 

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Shipping Container Doors

Many garages are built with the main roll-up type door to get vehicles in and out, plus a “man door” for additional access. You can take the concept with shipping containers. Our man door units are part of the easy-to-assemble Weld-N-Go product line and come with a steel frame for easy installation. 

Shipping Container Man Doors

The doors are 6’8” tall and come in four different widths – 3 feet, 3’6”, 4’0”, and 6 feet. The following man door kit includes: 

  • Door Threshold Plate 
  • Door Sweep 
  • Door Rain Drip Guard 
  • Door Gasket 
  • Deadbolt 
  • Door Lever 

Installation is simple, and the kit comes with detailed instructions. While the products come ready to install, you have all the flexibility to install them wherever you want. Installation notes include: 

  • Cut out the outer dimensions of the products (we recommend using a cutting wheel to cut the shipping container accurately) 
  • Then weld the frame in place, and you're done 

Shipping Container Lock Boxes

Keeping the contents of your shipping container secure is top priority. You could use a padlock for security, a good deterrent against potential thieves, but not foolproof. A pair of bolt cutters can easily overcome this security. Why not add a shipping container lock box to the padlock as another simple security measure? This combination of accessories is less hassle than many chains or other more involved and expensive methods of locking your shipping container. 

Shipping Container Lock Boxes

A shipping container lock box is large enough to fit your padlock and key but small enough to prevent anyone from tinkering with your locks and cutting the shackle or shank. Generally, reused hand shipping containers don’t come with a shipping container lock box installed and require them to be added as a modification. They are easy to install and are usually either bolted or welded on. Our two-part piece can be welded directly to the shipping container door. 

Shipping Container Office Kit

If you’re using your shipping container as an office, you’ll need one of our complete office kits to insulate, control internal temperature, and make it accessible. While the kit does NOT include the actual shipping container – which you should already have to begin with – it includes everything else you’ll need to make an office.

Shipping Container Office Kit

Kit contents include: 

  • Insulated office w/R-13 insulation 
  • (2) 36”x36” Dual Pane Vinyl Windows 
  • 3068 Man Door – Heavy Duty 3hr Fire Rated Insulated Door w/Non-Removable Hinge Pins, all the accessories included with the door 
  • 8,000 BTU A/C with heat 
  • A/C Security Cage 
  • Electrical Package that includes two 4-foot LED Lights, three plugs, one switch, 125 AMP Breaker Box, Breakers, and an Exterior Junction Box 
  • Detailed installation instructions

Shipping Container Roll-up Doors

If you're looking to add side access to your shipping container, steel roll-up doors are the way to go. Our roll-up door is made specifically for standard and high cube shipping containers. It comes with all hardware and material to assemble and install. Our doors are white and come in eight different sizes. Other sizes and colors are available upon request. 

Shipping Container Roll Up Doors

Available add-ons for the roll-up door include: 

  • Framing Kit: This is specifically designed for the sidewall, nose, and tail of the shipping container and completes the installation of the roll-up door. This is a must-have if you purchase a roll-up door. 
  • Threshold Plates:  Threshold plates, sometimes referred to as "crash plates," protect the entrance area of the shipping container by allowing positive water flow away from your shipping container. They are typically placed forward of the door sill.

Shipping Container Vents

If you’re storing dry goods in your shipping container, ventilation is a smart idea. If your shipping container is poorly ventilated, condensation can damage your contents. Adding vents can preserve everything you keep in your shipping container by keeping it dry and cool. 

Shipping Container Vents

We have two types of vents: 

Louver vent 

  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • Used for flush mounting
  • 8x8 perma-coated screen attached for insect protection 
  • Machine tab-fold construction 
  • Built-in weather protection 

Turbine vent 

  • Permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance
  • All-aluminum rust-free construction 
  • 21 air-foil curved vanes with rolled vane edges to deflect water 
  • Large flashing for easy installation 
  • Tested to withstand winds of 147 mph, which reduces energy bills  

Shipping Container Windows 

If you’re using your shipping container for something other than just storage, you should consider adding a window. Each of our windows includes a Weld-N-Go™ System designed specifically for the shipping container modification industry. They are easy to install and can be in place within an hour. 

Shipping Container Windows

The window kit includes: 

  • 2" x 4" square tube frame 
  • Security bars 
  • Dual Pane

If your shipping container requires more privacy or security, or you want to control the amount of light entering the shipping container, a window shutter can help. We recommend these for anyone who purchases a shipping container window. 

Many other accessories can transform your shipping container, which add even more elements of functionality. Whether for your home gardening supplies, automotive equipment, or power tools, the addition of shelving allows you to store items in an organized manner. Ramps are another common accessory added to shipping containers that make it easier to get items into your unit. If you utilize your shipping container as an office or work station, adding lighting and electrical accessories is pivotal. These are just a few additional accessories to enhance your shipping container and get the most out of it! 

Shipping container accessories are great for improving functionality and adding additional protection and security. You can browse our shipping container accessories here.