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It’s Fair Season! Shipping Container Venues are Trending for Outside Events

Shipping container used at local festival

Summer is here, and that means it’s fair and festival season all over the country. Whether it’s at large state fairs, smaller county fairs, or community and street festivals, families will be enjoying plenty of fair food, games, rides, and concerts this summer and fall.

While some fairgrounds use permanent brick-and-mortar buildings or pavilions for exhibits, entertainment, concessions, and other event activities, that’s not always feasible or cost-effective for some. Specifically, for events being staged on city streets or other locations used for other purposes year-round, structures for events must be mobile and temporary, yet sturdy and durable enough to serve their purpose.

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One emerging trend for fair and event organizers is using old shipping containers as venues for their events. Shipping containers provide durable, secure, and functional advantages than more traditional options. In addition, they are easily customizable and cost-effective.

Shipping containers can serve a variety of functions during these summer events. Types of unique applications are virtually limitless. Here are a few common ways event organizers are using shipping containers. 

Exhibit Space

Many fairs and festivals feature work from local artists and craftsmen. Some of the wares may be for sale, while others could be competing for “best in show” or other recognition. These displays include anything from quilts, baking, artwork, photography, and vegetable growing competitions.  

Some fairs showcase these exhibits in permanent buildings on the fairgrounds, but a traditional table or booth may not be enough space if a vendor or exhibitor is large or well established. In addition, large events might not have enough space in the exhibit hall to accommodate all exhibitors, so having shipping containers available allows for more room to house displays. That’s a better scenario than setting up tables in the grass or other areas that don’t protect from the heat or potential wet weather. 

Entertainment Venues

Many organizations don’t have space or funding to build permanent stages for entertainment during their yearly events. When that’s the case, using shipping containers as mobile stages is an excellent option. They provide a stable and sturdy place where bands, entertainers, presenters, and others can perform.  

That option is much more cost-effective than renting a stage that takes hours to assemble and disassemble. Mobile stages are ideal because of their flexibility, mobility, and affordability, which is especially true for traveling because the set can easily be transported from town to town.

Fair Game Locations

“Three balls for a dollar!” “Everyone’s a winner!”

Almost every community fair includes games where parents drop plenty of money trying to win their kids a stuffed animal, posters, or other silly prizes. Many of these games are housed inside trailers that are taken all to events all over the country.

A 10-foot shipping container or 20-foot shipping container can easily be modified into a game booth by adding accessories like flip-up windows, track lighting, and outlets. Large windows are perfect for games like darts, ring toss, and the milk bottle throw. 

Some fair companies have gotten on the shipping container bandwagon for this application as a way to make their game booth stand out from dozens of others around them. Every little advantage helps!

Concession Stands

Who doesn’t like fair food? 

Like game booths, concession stands are often transported from one event to another. Because they are very secure and resistant to inclement weather, shipping containers are often transformed into food tracks that attract attention. 

Add some coolers, a cash register or other point-of-service method, a hot dog roller, and popcorn machine, and you’re in business. 

Other Uses for Shipping Containers

The potential uses of shipping containers for community events and festivals are only limited by imagination. In addition to the uses highlighted above, so other applications include:

If you’re an event organizer and need to explore creative options for your event, consider purchasing shipping containers. Click here to find shipping containers for sale in your area.