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Shipping Containers Bring Cleaner Options to Portable Restrooms

When working on a construction site or at a large outdoor event, one thing that is always present is the porta potties. These tend to develop a foul odor pretty quickly, which just gets worse as the event goes on. Now, with shipping containers, the portable restrooms can be a little cleaner and more sanitary.

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Portable Shipping Container Restrooms

These portable restrooms have running water, and because of the size of shipping containers, they have multiple stalls and full sinks inside; they are also usually equipped with an electric hand dryer. Shipping container restrooms can be installed as easily as a porta potty and require much less maintenance than a traditional porta potty does.

They are also highly customizable; they can be designed with or without urinals, unisex, or gender segregated; they follow ADA guidelines. You are not just limited to toilets with these portable restrooms, you can even add showers to them, which can be especially beneficial for campgrounds or multiple day long events. The entire plan for them can be customized too to completely fit your specific needs.

Shipping Container Restroom Accessories

These also have ventilation to let fresh air in and slip resistant floors. You can add electricity to these too, with a generator, connection to the electrical grid, or solar panels. Many of them are equipped with climate controls or an HVAC system, with the aim of making this a more comfortable experience than a typical porta potty.

Many of these units can also be equipped with a key card or number pad, to prevent unauthorized people from accessing them.

In the case of using these restrooms for large public events, you also do not have to worry about anyone punching a hole in the side of it; something that can happen with a porta potty. It is also much more difficult for a crowd to flip over a shipping container than it is a porta potty. In the case of vandalism, you can simply repaint your shipping container to cover up graffiti, but wood siding would need to be replaced.

The shipping container restrooms are all around more hygienic than a porta potty. They are also easier to clean; many of them have drains installed that make simply hosing them down a viable option.

Shipping Container Restroom Durability

These can hold up better against bad weather than a porta potty. When a storm with high winds comes in, it can knock over a porta potty, leaving a mess nobody wants to clean up; these are too heavy for most wind storms to move, and most are designed to withstand winds of up to 100 miles per hour. They can also hold up long term in the rain and snow since steel is significantly stronger than the plastic and wood that a porta potty is comprised of. These containers were also designed to be watertight, so you do not have to worry about water damage in a storm.

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