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Shipping Containers for Storage on the Job Site

Convert a Shipping Container Into Your Custom Storage Unit

When you are in need of storage options, converting shipping containers with shelving for your specific needs is certainly an economically and environmentally wise investment. 

Shipping Container Storage with Shelving

Stacking materials without support or structure, especially in a disorganized fashion, will lead to a redundant duplication of your time and effort, ultimately injuring someone or damaging something. As is often the case, the particular piece of equipment you need tends to be in the part of the storage space that is hard to reach or down at the bottom of the pile. Time, effort, and bodily harm happens due to you simply needing a tool or an apparatus. Furthermore, it isn't easy to fully utilize upright space without shelving or hangers. 

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Placing shelving or rack systems in a container is actually much easier than you would imagine. However, you can save yourself many headaches by choosing shelving specifically made for storage containers. When new shipping container owners go out and build shelf systems on their own, often they will screw them to the walls causing holes, tears, and even worse, leaks when it rains. The shelving and rack systems made for storage containers are pretty clever. They hang from the “D” rings or tiedown rings found inside shipping on the sidewall where the roof meets, no drilling, no welding, and no screws.  

Several shelving and rack system options are available to customize your storage container to your specific needs. When picking the right shelving for your storage container, it is important to consider the materials' weight to be stored. You will then need to compare the shelving load rating to the weight of those items. It is always smart to think ahead and have a larger weight capacity than you currently need. This will cover future changes or additions you will make and ensure that your items are securely supported.  

Custom rack shelving can be added to any container you purchase from Container One. We will be happy to make upgrades to meet you or your company’s specific needs. Let us help you with each step of the process: purchase, design, build-out, and delivery. Not only do we simplify the process of storage container buying, but we also offer affordable pricing and work to provide you with knowledgeable advice along the way.  

Shipping Container Storage with Shelving Units

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