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The Urban Rigger: Copenhagen’s Carbon-Neutral Shipping Container Housing

Student housing is a big issue. There seems never to be enough space for it, and the prices can be difficult for college students to afford on their budgets. To solve this series of problems associated with student housing, architects Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Sand came together with a solid plan and some upcycled shipping containers, and the Urban Rigger was born to provide affordable and sustainable housing for young academics studying in Denmark.

Shipping Container Student Housing in Copenhagen

The Urban Rigger is Copenhagen’s first carbon-neutral, shipping container student housing, but hopefully won’t be the last. The designers refer to it as “a unique, design protected, patented, floating, flexible, CO2 neutral and mobile property.”  It floats gently on the waterfront due to the innovative floating elements designed by Ingles. In addition to its floating capabilities as a unit, the Urban Rigger’s apartment blocks and other components also float on their own, making it easy to assemble and transport if necessary.

At roughly 680 square meters, or 7,319 square feet, the Urban Rigger is plenty spacious for all of the students aboard.  Each structure consists of 15 living spaces organized around a lovely green courtyard. Several of the other amenities offered aboard are a kayak landing, a communal roof terrace, bathing platform, and a barbecue area. There are even compartments below sea level. In the downstairs area, below sea level, the pontoon-style basement features a technical room for students, 12 storage zones, and a fully automated laundry facility.

Because of its simple yet creative shipping container design, the Urban Rigger can be transported by air, road, or water, and fully utilized anywhere with a waterfront. With so much to offer, we expect to see several similar housing structures in the near future. Keep your eyes open, because they truly look amazing.

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