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Mobile Tiny Homes and Student Housing Using Shipping Containers


Shipping containers can be turned into several different types of living dwellings without much difficulty, and they are eco-friendlier to live in and construct than a traditionally constructed home. Shipping containers are easy to obtain, and they are usually recycled.

Their durability is another big selling point when looking at getting a smaller home since these containers are designed to endure the elements. Being able to stack them can be another selling point since they allow you to make your home grow a little easier. They are also easier to secure than a normal house since shipping containers are designed to be difficult to break into.

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These are usually DIY-friendly too, for the people who want to convert their house themselves. The aesthetic is unique too, so your dwelling will stand out more than your neighbor’s wooden tiny home.

Tiny Shipping Container Homes

As more and more people seek ways to reduce their eco-footprints, tiny homes have increased in popularity. The tiny home movement began in 2009 when the housing market was having troubles, but it truly took off in 2014 when the shows “Tiny House, Big Living” and “Tiny House Hunters” debuted.

You can stack two together to get a two-story home or put two side-by-side to give you a larger ground floor. Even two large containers sitting next to each other is a smaller eco-footprint than owning a larger sized home would.

A shipping container tiny home is also perfect for those with wanderlust. It is not difficult to add wheels to your container home, allowing you to take home with you, wherever you go. You can even ship your home overseas to take the comforts of home with you on an international road trip.

Shipping Containers a Solution for Student Housing

Student housing is a problem for universities all over the world. Finding the space, the construction, and the funding to add affordable housing can be challenging, especially if they want to give their students more than just a small shared room. Some colleges and universities have found a solution to student housing issues in shipping containers.

100 Student Dorms in Le Havre, France Using Shipping Containers

In Le Havre, France, over 100 student dorms were constructed out of shipping containers making a four-story building, called Cité A Docks. Each dorm has a small bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, giving students privacy and their own space near campus at an affordable rate.

Floating Shipping Container Dorms in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, there are shipping container dorms that float on the water. They are all set up into “units” which have six containers each, shaped to form a courtyard in the middle, and the units have 12 dorms each.

University of Johannesburg Shipping Container Dorm

The University of Johannesburg built a dorm out of shipping containers that are stacked on top of old grain silos. This structure has 370 beds for students and is 15-storeys tall.

Shipping Containers for Sale Online

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