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  • 4 Reasons Why the Tourism Industry Should Explore Shipping Container Hotels

    The use of shipping containers has evolved. There are so many unique applications from storage to new homes, restaurants, offices, and more. So, as the tourism industry is shifting to shipping container hotels, there’s only one question: why?
  • Shipping Container Hotel in Germany Offers a Unique, Nautical Experience to Travelers

    Are you looking for a hospitable, nautical, shipping container hostel where you can rent a bed and have an amazing time in Germany? Well, look no further than this amazing and chic German hostel in the city of Warnemünde. Shipping container hotels and hostels are no new commodity in this day and age. By using…

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  • Shipping Containers Morph into Trendy Hotels Across the World

    Over the past few years, the hotel industry has upped their creativity game and started to use uncommon materials during hotel construction. Hotels across the world have been created from ice, salt, and even chocolate! However, the newest trend is converting shipping containers into hip, yet practical hotel rooms. Why Shipping Containers? There are a…

  • Repurposed Shipping Containers Become Spiffy Lodging

    Just outside of Round Top, TX, a town that’s about an hour’s drive from Austin, is home to the newest chic hotel to hit the area in a long time. The Flophouze Hotel doesn’t look like a boutique hotel from the highway with its red and blue shipping containers that you’d typically see belted to a…