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4 Reasons Why the Tourism Industry Should Explore Shipping Container Hotels

Shipping Container Hotel

Different is fun and exciting. Rather than sticking to the status quo, travelers are beginning to step outside their comfort zone and opt for a more unique place to stay when going on a trip. And while you might think a shipping container hotel forces you to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a typical hotel, think again!

Gaining popularity in all parts of the world, shipping container hotels are a unique option that allows travelers to choose from an extensive range of styles to meet their comfort needs. Here are four reasons why the tourism industry should continue to make the shift toward shipping container hotels.

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1. Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps the biggest reason shipping containers are being used more frequently to build hotels is their eco-friendly nature. Over the past several years, consumers have increased interest in eco-friendly standards. Since they have a long and durable lifespan, many reusable shipping containers are available after their initial use (homes, hospitals, restaurants, etc.). 

Using shipping containers as construction material to build hotels also means less manufacturing of cement and bricks, which is highly harmful to the environment. While some cement is still needed to establish the foundation of a hotel building, the amount is nothing compared to how much it would take to build a hotel made entirely of concrete. The cement industry is responsible for emitting some of the most significant numbers of CO2 into the environment, so the less manufacturing of cement, the better. 

2. Construction Cost

Reusing shipping containers can be a cost-effective option versus purchasing the material it would take to build a traditional hotel. By figuring out the affordability of shipping container hotels, think about how much each container costs. Depending on the size of each unit you purchase, shipping containers typically range from about $2,000 to $4,000 in the United States. To scale, it takes about five containers to build an average shipping container home.

Another benefit of building a hotel with shipping containers is that there are mostly fixed costs. The lack of variable expenses allows you to plan and ensure everything is intact before starting the project.

3. Structural Integrity

Traditional homes are surely safer against bad weather, right? Wrong. Shipping containers are specifically designed to withstand bad weather, as they are generally used to carry heavy loads through the harshest of conditions. Since vacationers go to many destinations with an ocean nearby, the value of shipping container hotels is even higher, as the structural integrity can protect visitors from hurricanes and other natural disasters.

The shipping container’s durability goes hand in hand with its safety and security. You can build your shipping container hotel almost anywhere there is available land. So, you may find yourself building one in a more remote location. However, security and safety are not weaknesses that come with a shipping container. Not only are they extremely difficult to break into, but there are a vast number of extra accessories to enhance the security of each hotel room.

4. Building Ease

Off-site construction is a significant advantage of building shipping container hotels. The units can be cut before the complete assembly of a hotel structure, making it a lot quicker when it’s time to put the containers together on your land. In comparison to a brick-and-mortar structure, a shipping container hotel can be assembled significantly faster.

Since hotels require many rooms on several floors, it’s essential that shipping containers can stack easily on top of each other to create multiple stories. The timeline for building a traditional hotel is significantly lowered with shipping containers made into prefabricated structures off-site. The unique use of shipping containers has expanded far beyond the tourism industry over the past few years, so there’s no reason to think that won’t continue. With customization and limitless possibilities, building structures will gear more toward the wants and needs of consumers.

There are so many reasons to build a hotel with shipping containers, but none are more important than connecting with customers. And that begins with a unique and innovative vision. If you want to start bringing your hotel vision to life, enter your zip here to get started and begin browsing shipping containers near you.