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Shipping Containers Morph into Trendy Hotels Across the World

Benefits of Shipping Container Hotels for Sustainable Travel

The Shift Towards Environmental Sustainability

As the market dynamic in distribution has evolved over the past few years, there has been a major shift in the relationship dynamic between businesses and consumers. The widespread adoption of modern technology has given consumers access to unlimited information and product choices. This has fundamentally changed the power-dynamic between buyer and seller.  

The internet has replaced the need for consumers to rely on a sales rep as their sole source of information, empowering consumers with more control over purchasing decisions. This shift in power has forced businesses to evolve and continuously adapt tthe growing expectations of today’s consumer.  

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To successfully navigate this transition, businesses have had to find ways to reconnect with their customers at a human level. Some businesses have accomplished this by adopting and supporting a common goal or shared value.  

In turn, businesses in the tourism and travel industry have become more environmentally conscious, shifting their focus towards sustainability, and incorporating eco-friendly standards that are mutually beneficial to both the consumer and the business.  

As travelers have become increasingly eco-conscious, hotels have taken steps towards eco-tourism and promoting sustainable travel.  

Why Shipping Containers?  

The discovery of shipping containers as an eco-friendly building material is one of the many reasons that shipping containers have become the material of choice for many businesses. Here are a few other drivers behind the adoption of container construction and container architecture: 

1. Durability

Shipping containers are designed to be incredibly durable and virtually weatherproof, with the ability to withstand torrential downpours and high winds – a key component that other building materials often lack.  

2. Mobility

Shipping containers are portable and can be set up anywhere – on the beach, in a forest, or on a mountain. Traditional beds and furniture are placed in the shipping containers, a step-up from the outdated sleeping bag and tent out in the wild.  

3. Assembly  

Construction teams like shipping containers because they can easily develop them off-site as individual modules and assemble them once they reach the site. Choosing to go this route saves businesses both money and time. 

Are There Any Container Hotels Near Me?

Shipping container hotels are scattered across the world, including the United States. In early 2018, Texas opened their first-ever shipping container hotel in Round Top. Each six-unit FlopHouze contains a living space, bathroom, kitchenette, and sleeping area. There are also hammocks and firepits set outside each unit for guests to relax and enjoy the gorgeous Texan sunsets. 

If skiing is your passion, check out the Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort, a Small Design Hotel in Gudauri, Georgia. The shipping containers are stacked on stilts and offer stunning views of the Caucasus Mountains. The skiing slopes are only a five-minute walk away from the hotel. 

Bright-colored container hotels can also be found near the beach of Pinamar, Argentina. Architect, Clorindo Testa, created beach resort built from containers. The Alterra Beach Resort featurea variety of shipping container cabins used for “glamping.”  

These container cabins offer guests a chance to get up close with nature but still sleep in a real bed at the end of the day. Staying in a shipping container in the wild also prevents bugs and other predators from entering the sleeping quarters. 

The Dock Inn is in the seaport city of Warnemünde, Germany. Although the inn is known as a hostel, it offers upscale amenities such as smart TVs and a spa. All the rooms at the Dock Inn offer stunning views of the shipyard. 

What’s Next for the Container Industry?

The future of shipping container resorts is promising. As with most shipping container projects, the possibilities for hotels are endless.  

We will continue to see an increase in the usage of shipping containers for green, or sustainable building materials. 

In summary, the environmental sustainability, portability, and flexibility of repurposed shipping containers has led to a rising trend in container hotels, tiny homes, container architecture, pop-up retail shops, and commercial container buildings across industries. 

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