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Reimagined Shipping Containers Become Spiffy Lodging

Just outside of Round Top, TX, a town that’s about an hour’s drive from Austin, is home to the newest chic hotel to hit the area in a long time. The Flophouze Hotel doesn’t look like a boutique hotel from the highway with its red and blue shipping containers that you’d typically see belted to a railroad car.

Modern Lodging

Upon further review, the narrow metal boxes divulge the shipping container’s unique personalities. Each container has a small deck with lounge chairs that overlooks a fertile pasture with great views of the Texas sunset. Fire pits dot the landscape, each one surrounded by chairs and a hammock, giving each guest the invitation to relax and enjoy the view.

The Perfect Setting

Round Top, known for its antique fairs and eccentric customers is the perfect set up for this new adventure in lodging. Each cabin may be shaped like a mobile home, but the insides give off a rustic chic and comfy look to make these double-wides/former shipping containers fashionable. Each one has a living room, kitchenette with coffee maker, refrigerator, and microwave, a bathroom, and a roomy bedroom. Sizable windows and reclaimed wood paneling in the rooms give off a bright and airy feel.

 The Flophouze Hotel’s creator and owner, Matt White, has been attending Round Top antique fairs for the past 20 years and decided the town was ideal to create his vision of the shipping container hotel concept.


From Trash to Treasure

Each uniquely designed shipping container interiors have storied pasts including gathered wood from a farm in upstate New York, and reclaimed lumber from a distillery in Kentucky.  The windows were salvaged from a school in Philadelphia that was scheduled for demolition.  In the kitchen you will find funky cabinet bases that were purchased from a laboratory in Brooklyn, along with counter tops taken from an old bowling alley floor in Texas. The floors are the original container floors, which have traveled around the world.  To finish it off, each container has vintage rugs, art and fixtures gathered from antique shops across the globe.  The Flophouze Hotel is without a doubt a unique place to stay.

The Vibe and Surroundings

Currently, there are six “Flophouzes” and they are in the process of completing more by the end of the year. Each “houze” has complimentary coffee and tea, sparkling water, and Mexican Cokes. Round Top is just a short drive from The Flophouze Hotel, and there is a market for light snacks and sundries.

The shipping container hipster lodging community shares its 5-acre lot with the founder’s architectural salvage business, Recycling the PastThere is also a 12,000 square foot on-location store and showroom full of reclaimed finds that can be purchased.

What is Your Dream?

Just like The Flophouze Hotel’s creator Matt White was able to see his vision come to life with the aid of shipping containers, you possibly could see your dream similarly take wings. Let us help you discover the world of durable, safe and affordable used shipping containers.

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