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Cross-Country Moving Made Easy with Portable Shipping Containers

Moving Shipping Containers & Portable Storage Units for Long-Distance Moving

Moving to a new place requires lots of time, effort, and planning, which can quickly become an overwhelming ordealBetween all the packing, wrappingand boxes piling up around you – not to mention the pricey quotes you’ve received from five different moving companies – moving may very well seem like an insurmountable task 

There may be some tips and tricks you can learn to help you along the way, but preparation and focused effort are the key ingredients to a successful, stress-free move. One of the first things you need to do is take inventory of everything you have 

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You should also consider what resources you have at your disposal, your timeline and budget for the project, your means of transportation for hauling and storing your belongings, as well as the distance and time it will take to relocate.  

Here are a few questions you should start to consider, whether you’re relocating for a new business venture halfway around the world or just moving a few miles down the road: 

  • How are you going to move your belongings from one location to another? 
  • How much stuff do you have to pack? Are you taking everything but the kitchen sink with you to your new destination, or are you planning to downsize 
  • Are most of your items small and fragile or large and bulky, or do you have a mixture of bothAre your possessions durable or easily damaged? Are they at risk of molding or rotting if exposed to rain 
  • How many boxes are you going to needHow much space will they take up? 
  • How much will they weigh? Are they easy for you to carry, or do they require more than one person to move?   
  • Are you going to pack it all up and move it yourself, or do you plan on hiring someone to haul it for you?  

Once you’ve taken these questions into account, the next order of business is to decide what type of company you’re going to entrust with transporting your belongings securely and safely. There are many different types of moving services available and deciding which one is best will depend on your needs and priorities. Here is a list of pros and cons for the different types of moving services available 

1. Renting a Moving Truck 


  • SavingsOne major benefit of the do-it-yourself move is that the upfront costs are usually less expensive than hiring a full-service moving company.  
  • VersatilityMoving truck rentals are suitable for both local and long-distance relocations. 
  • ControlHaving complete control over the entire process is one of the biggest advantages to a DIY relocation. You’re in charge, so you have the freedom to choose how you’re stuff with be packed.  


  • Labor IntensiveOne major downside to the do-it-yourself move is the fact that you’re going to have to do everything yourselfYou’re responsible for all the heavy lifting, including loading, driving, unloading, and returning the rental truck which quickly becomes labor intensive. 
  • Lack of Moving SuppliesThe cost of renting a truck doesn’t include moving supplies such as, dollies, moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, soft cloths, etc. If you don’t already have moving supplies on hand, the extra costs of your DIY move can quick add up.  
  • Unexpected Problems In the event of an unexpected issue, such as your couch getting stuck in the door or damaging your armoire trying to get it down the stairs, you may be out of luck. Without the assistance of professional movers, you may end up spending more time, effort, and money than you initially planned for.   

2. Full-Service Moving Companies 


  • EfficiencyOne benefit to hiring professional movers is the reliability and experience that comes along with it. As long as you’ve vetted an experienced moving company, you can count on them to show up as planned and assist with all aspects of the move that were agreed upon. 
  • Convenience: If you hire a full-service moving company, you won't have to worry about doing any of the heavy lifting. They will take care of the logistics of transporting your furniture down the stairs and into the moving truck.  
  • Less StressIn addition to the convenience and time-saving benefits of hiring a full-service moving company, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any unexpected logistical issues that may arise when packing and transporting your belongings. Having a team of professionals there to support you can save you a lot of hassle and stress on the day of the big move.  


  • CostHiring a full-service moving company can be quite pricey. Although the cost of your move will fluctuate depending on the size of your home, the distance your moving, and the number of additional services you select. According to’s 2020 Moving Cost Surveyfull-service move usually costs $1,000 or more, not including the additional fees associated with adding packing services.  
  • Lack of Equipment: The cost of renting a truck doesn’t include moving equipment accessories, such as: dollies, moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, soft cloths, etc. If you don’t already have moving supplies on hand, the extra costs of your DIY move can quick add up.  
  • Less FlexibilityWhen you hire a professional moving company you inherently give up a certain level of control over your move. If you’re someone who wants to have control of how your belongings are packed and stored, this can prove to be a major disadvantage.   
  1. Portable Moving Containers  


  • Convenience: Portable storage containers provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for both local and long-distance moves. When you rent a moving container, a truck will deliver the storage box to your location. You then have them freedom to pack your belongings as you see fit before having it picked up and transported to your destination. Once the container has been delivered, you’re free to unload your belongings at your convenience before having it picked up and taken away  
  • Security: Portable storage containers also offer the benefit of extra security and stability. Since moving containers are designed to be transported over long distances, they are designed to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions, making them virtually weatherproof. This means that there’s no need to worry about your possessions being water damaged during your move.  
  • Delivery: Moving containers also have the added benefit of being delivered to your front door; no need to worry about trying to maneuver a huge U-Haul. By choosing a portable storage container, you’re able to load it however you’d like and then have it relocated for you. 


  • Cost: Renting a portable storage container is going to cost more than renting a moving truck for your DIY move. However, renting a moving container is actually less expensive than the cost you end up paying to hire a moving company to haul your items across the country.  
  • Accessibility: Once your items have been loaded and secured in the container, you will not be able to access them until it has been unloaded at your home.  
  • Not Good for Relocating on Short Notice: In addition to the amount of time it takes to load all your belongings into the storage box, you also must consider the time it takes for the shipping container to arrive at your house. For this reason, moving containers may not be a viable solution if you’re relocating on short notice.    

It’s important to keep these considerations in mind when choosing a moving service that’s right for you. Selecting a solution that meets your needs will make the process of moving easier and much more efficient. If a moving container meets your criteria, you can save yourself the distress and hassle of hauling everything you own across the country.  

To recap, portable storage containers offer convenientsecure solution for both local and long-distance movers. Choosing a container that has the capacity hold all your possessions allows you to avoid the frustration of making multiple trips back-and-forth to collect and transport your belongings.  

Climate-controlled storage containers are inexpensive and easy to transport over long distances. Additionally, shipping containers are incredibly secure, durable, and designed to be fully waterproofso there’s no need to worry about your fragile items becoming damaged or broken during the moving process. These considerations are easy to overlook when planning move but can be a lifesaver for those moving during a particularly rainy seasonThere’s nothing worse than arriving to your new house and realizing that all your furniture smells like mildew and your favorite china cabinet has irreversible water damage.  

Renting a shipping container for your cross-country move can help you avert any unforeseen crises by protecting your items from mildew and water damage caused by condensation, as well as safeguarding your belongings from extreme weather conditions. Shipping containers are a highly efficient means of transporting your belongings safely and securely during a move. With several sizing options and a variety of add-on accessories available, you can customize your shipping container to best suit your needs.  

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