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The World’s First Shipping Container Bridge

Shipping containers can be made into almost any structure you need them to nowadays, including bridges. In Israel, at Ariel Sharon National Park, there is a 525-foot bridge that is made up entirely of shipping containers.

Bridge Made up of 28 Shipping Containers

The park was originally a massive landfill, called “Garbage Mountain” by the locals. People could smell the mountain from miles away, at one point it was over 87 yards above sea level and had over 25 million tons of garbage. It was transformed into the park it is now, and it's one of the largest recycling facilities in the world. The bridge is made up of 28 shipping containers.

The massive landfill was closed down in 1998 by the community, who were outraged by its size and smell, and it seemed that collapse was imminent. The garbage was turned into the lush park it is now by a group of 14 architects. It's three times the size of Central Park in New York City.

Since this is a giant recycling park, making the bridge out of shipping containers makes perfect sense. The bridge is designed for cars and has a walking path as well for pedestrians. There are also observation platforms for looking at the view of the massive, beautiful park. At the time this was thought of, in 2013, this was the world’s first shipping container bridge.

The size and shape of shipping containers makes them ideal for an enclosed bridge that can be assembled much quicker than a traditionally built bridge. These containers are made to withstand harsh conditions, so a storage container bridge should be able to stand up to bad weather better than a bridge made of traditional materials.

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Author: Auz Burger