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  • Shipping Container Barns: 5 Ideas for Your Next DIY Project

    Whether it’s used as a storage shed, workshop, or barn, shipping containers can be repurposed and customized to meet your needs. Here are five creative ways you can utilize a container as an outbuilding for your next DIY project.  

  • Shipping Container Farms: A Mobile Solution for Urban Farming

    Find out how shipping container farms are a great solution for urban farming and sustainable growth, and why a mobile farm may be the perfect fit for your business. 

  • Shipping Container Farms: The Future of Plant Growing

    In Los Angeles, a startup company, Local Roots, is using 40-foot-long shipping containers and turning them into “TerraFarms” that produce as many leafy greens as five acres of farmland. Not only are they using the shipping containers to grow all these plants, they are also doing it at a much faster pace, while using as…

  • Farming in a Shipping Container

    In the early 20th century, people left their farms to come to Detroit and work in factories like Henry Ford’s. Now, in the early 21st century, the Ford Motor Company Fund is setting out to educate kids about farming and nutrition with a mobile, indoor, year-round gardening project in Detroit. Cass Community Social Services is initiating a…