Can I buy a blue container?

Generally no, you cannot select a specific container if you are buying a used container. If you are buying a new container you may have the option to select the color you want.

How do I buy a container?

We have made this process simple. Please visit our Shop page to purchase your container today! You can also live chat, send us an email or call us anytime.


I need to export my container, can you help with that?

Yes, we can! Depending on your needs we have International freight forwarders that we can recommend you that will handle all your international shipping needs.


Do you move loaded containers?

We can give you a list of trucking companies that can and you can work directly with them for pricing and scheduling.


I already have a container, can you move it?

Yes. We are part of the nation's 3rd largest transportation company. See landstar.com for more details!  We can give you a list of other trucking companies in your area that can and you can work directly with them for pricing and scheduling.


Can I look at the shipping container before I buy it?

In rare case yes you can. Container Depots are busy commercial operations and for safety purposes their insurance company will not allow the general public on their yard.  Even if we can get you into a Depot you cannot pick out your exact container because the containers are in stacks and when the truck arrives at depot they load the first container on the top of the stack onto the truck for delivery.  The container is inspected by the depot and the driver prior to the container being delivered.  


Can I pick up the container myself?

Yes, you can. If you have to have a truck and trailer that can handle the size container you buy you can absolutely pick it up yourself.  Please contact us for special customer pick up pricing.  

How are Containers delivered to me?

The simplest way is with tilt-bed trailers like the one in the video below.   We also deliver them on flatbed semi trailer's and if needed we will arrange for a crane to offload them into locations were stacking is necessary.

What’s the difference between your “wind and water tight” box and a Cargo Worthy container vs a New/1Trip container?

A Wind and Water Tight (WWT) container is a container that can no longer be certified to ship cargo on trains and ships whereas a Cargo Worthy (CW) container is guaranteed to pass a Marine Survey to be re-certified to be loaded back on a ship or train. Cosmetically you sometimes cannot tell the difference in them. Both will have rust, dents and dings from shipping cargo all over the world.  We guarantee both to not leak for a year. New/1trip containers are new containers that have only been loaded one time from the manufacturer.  They generally are only 3-6 months old and we offer 5 year no leak warranty on these.   

We have worked with all the major shipping companies for almost 30 years. This allows us to provide you with of the best rates around.  We will meet or beat any legitimate competitors price.



What’s an “A Grade” container?

“A Grade” is not actually an industry term although some companies offer this feature. It usually indicates a WWT container that might have a fresh coat of paint on it or is otherwise a specific company's classification and not an industry classification. A lot of the time it just means that you are being charged a premium for a nominal service and in our experience, this has no substantive merit about the quality or integrity of the container. "Grade" is a marketing gimmick that we do not use. 


Is there sales tax on the purchase of a shipping container?

Usually, there is not a sales tax involved because containers are made overseas. Please call us to discuss, it all depends on everyone's unique situation. Tax-exempt individuals will need to provide the correct form.


How should I prepare the site for delivery?

There are many things you can do to get your site ready. You can make a gravel or concrete foundation, or even just put it in your yard when it arrives without preparation. You do want it to sit on level ground. This always works out better in the long run or when modifying a container. 
One thing to keep in mind is the length of truck trailer and container. For a 20' container you generally need about 60’ of space. You will need 120' of space for a 40' container to be delivered.


I'm having a tough time opening and closing my doors.

You may need to grease or oil the hinges and they will get easier to open and close with use. It is also possible to have the container torqued on uneven ground which can cause the frame to twist. These are industrial doors and are very heavy but the more you open and close the container doors the easier they get.  


What are the shipping container dimensions?

We offer containers that range in length from 20’ to 45’ and that are 8’6” to 9’6” tall. For more information on the actual ISO (International Shipping Organization) dimensions and specs, please visit our Specification page.
Container Specifications

Do you sell refrigerated or insulated units?

Yes, we do. Call or message us for pricing as it varies by current market and availability.


Do you sell 53’ containers?

Yes, we do. Due to the length and height of these containers you will have to assist in unloading the trailer.  In most cases you will need a forklift of a crane that can lift 12,00o lbs.  Please call or message us so we can check our availability in your area. For any custom or special requests, please call us directly at 330-286-0526 or fill out a contact form.


Do you offer volume discounts to re-sellers?

Yes, we do.  We offer wholesale price to everyone, not just to resellers when you buy multiple containers.  


How many roll-up doors can be added to a container?

This can depend on your container and the sizing of any roll-up doors and windows. Typically, roll-up doors can be added to either sides.

Please keep in mind that there are structural limitations on door placement without further reinforcement, and different door models may have different clearance needs. We will gladly help look into any specific solutions you are trying to figure out if you need further help.


Are roll-up doors wind and watertight?

Yes, roll up doors can be wind and water tight depending on which roll-up doors you buy and how well they are installed.


Do shipping containers have titles?

No, containers do not have titles. Your invoice from us and receipt is all you need to prove ownership.


Why do 20's cost more than 40's sometimes?

40’ containers are a lot more common than 20' containers so it is just supply and demand due to manufacturing costs and available inventory..


Why are 10' containers so expensive?

10’ containers are very uncommon as most shipping companies will not use them because you can not fit a lot of cargo in a 10’ by 8’ space.


How do I paint my shipping container?

General maintenance and repairs prior to painting will extend the life of your container. Make sure that you have the necessary clothing and face masks to protect from fumes and paint vapors.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the outside of the container with a pressure washer. The goal is to remove all dirt, debris, and loose paint chips. This will also expose any areas on the shell of the container that may need special attention. Don't forget to clean the top of the container, as you'll also need to paint there as well. Once the container has been cleaned, allow some time for it to completely dry.

Sand any areas where surface rust or loose paint may be visible. Spray wash the container again to remove any dust from the container. It is advised to spray wash the container again. Before applying fresh paint, the container should be completely dry.

Once you select your paint color you are ready to begin painting. Pick a side to start on. A paint sprayer is recommended, as it leaves a nice even coat. Always begin at the top and work your way down. This method ensures the paint won’t run over areas that have already been painted. If you buy a Zinc based paint from Sherman-Williams you will only need to apply one coat.  If not you will have to apply 2 coats in most cases.  Once the first coat is completely dry, you can then apply the second coat. The second coat will seal any joints, cracks or missed areas that may have been overlooked.

The newly painted container will be sealed for many years to come.  You may want to inspect your container annually for any spots that may need attention.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us directly by phone or online.


Please fill out our contact form so we can walk through options together! If our FAQ hasn’t helped with what you are looking for, we’ll be happy to sort it out with you.