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The Benefits of Using Shipping Containers as Pop-Up Shops

Shipping containers are quickly becoming the material of choice to build homes, hotels, swimming pools, and more. Businesses are also jumping on the shipping container craze and using containers as pop-up shops across the world. Large companies, such as Nike and Adidas, have recently transformed shipping containers into pop-up shops. There are many benefits of converting a container into a shop.

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Quick Construction Using Shipping Containers

Constructing a traditional building can take months, but shipping containers pop-up shops can be set up within a matter of weeks. Some companies have received a shipping container and set up business inside of it in as little as one week. Once the shipping container is on site, you can easily paint it. You can also hang signs, and decorate the inside. Instead of waiting for the brick and mortar building to be built, companies can start raking in the cash much sooner than later.

Mobility of Storage Containers

What is better than having a primo spot to conduct your business? Having multiple spots to conduct your business! With shipping containers, you can easily move your shop to where it will attract the most people. Shipping container pop-up shops have appeared at music festivals, state fairs, and more. They are easy to move, and once on site, it only takes minutes to open for business. The shipping containers are far more attractive than tents and better equipped for all weather types.

Shipping Containers Have the Wow! Factor

People naturally flock to unique things, and pop-up shop containers are no different. Most shoppers are not familiar with pop-up shops in shipping container form. They are pleasantly surprised to find out how a container can be altered into a shopping area. Often, delighted customers will take pictures of the exclusive pop-up shop to share on social media with their friends. Hello, free publicity!

Utilize Your Existing Space

You may already be satisfied with your existing space ,but may also have extra space for a pop-up shop. Why not utilize that space during your busy season? Businesses can be swamped around the holidays, but they can easily use shipping containers as pop-up shops in their existing parking lots and open land. The pop-up shops not only hold extra inventory, but also allow for more temporary space without breaking the bank. The weather-proof containers also lock up easily at night, so businesses will not have to transport goods into the main building every night. Companies can keep the shipping containers on site for storage purposes in the slower seasons, as well.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

A huge benefit of using a shipping container as a pop-up shop is how easily you can make changes to the container. Keep your customers questioning what’s coming next by changing the paint colors, or even re-arranging the shipping containers. You can also use the outside of the container to advertise your company without worrying about rules or regulations that you may run into with a brick and mortar store.

Test the Waters

Looking to start a company, but not willing to invest in renting or buying a building? Shipping containers are inexpensive, and you can obtain one for a fraction of the price of a regular building. Using a shipping container as a pop-up shop will allow you to test the waters without draining your bank account. When your company is ready to expand, you may choose to continue to do business out of a pop-up shop, simply duplicating the shop in multiple locations.

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