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Shipping Container Art Studios

Transforming shipping containers into buildings has become a major trend in recent years. People are turning them into anything: houses, greenhouses, and even mobile schools. Among these new trends are shipping container art studios. Artists require space to work, and that is not always possible in an urban environment, but with a shipping container you can carve out your own space to create art with ease.

Having a container studio allows you to leave projects out as they are, instead of having to pack up half-finished work because you do not have the space to leave them out. The container studio also allows you to keep your work area climate controlled, so you do not have to worry about temperatures damaging your work.

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Converting a storage container into an art studio can be DIY friendly if so desired. You can get your container insulated, to help control the heating and cooling of the room, and to help keep out noises from outside. Conex containers can be modified to have windows to let in natural light, and they can be set up to have electricity; solar panels are easy to add to shipping containers. Adding ventilation to the roof of your container studio is a good idea, to help air out any dangerous fumes while you work.

Since shipping containers are so versatile, depending on your location and how much space is on your property, you can set up your container studio as an add-on to your home.

Shipping Container Art Studio for Students in California

At the University of California, Santa Barbara in California, the art department created a studio for students out of two shipping containers, to give students a place to work. To avoid the studio feeling like a corridor, they joined the two containers in a V shape, to give it a unique and comfortable feeling. Students helped with the project and it became a unique place for them to work.

The Railyard Shipping Container Art Studio in Texas

In 2016 Kelly Alison began a project to create a community of artist studios out of shipping containers called The Railyard in Texas. They set up four individual structures and stacked containers to make the studios bigger. They had a total of 12 studios between the four structures.

Shipping Container Art Studio in Houston, Texas

In Houston, Texas a group of artists live and work in Independence Heights, as part of Independence Art Studios. They began with five studios on the property, all of which were made from shipping containers, and their endeavor was so successful they began construction of four more studios and a swimming pool, which was also made from a shipping container. Thedra and Stephen Cullar-Ledford, the owners moved from New York and began their colony in an area that already had the potential to become an art community. “Our dream was to find a space on which we could live and create, but would also help pay for itself,” said Thedra. The artist colony also has horses, chickens, and a Basset Hound named Bob.

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