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Adding a Playhouse or Greenhouse to Your Yard is Easy with Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are so versatile they can be made into almost anything. So, if you’re looking to set up a playhouse for the kids or a greenhouse in your yard, a shipping container is a unique way to do that.

Shipping Container Playhouses for Kids

If you're making a playhouse for your kids, you'll need to make sure the container has ventilation and is well-insulated. Giving your child a shipping container as their playhouse will give them a completely blank canvas they can build with their imaginations. If there isn’t enough space in your yard for a playhouse, the great thing about a shipping container is it can be put into a parking spot and locked up, keeping your children’s toys secure when they’re not playing.

Shipping Container Greenhouses

Another great thing you can do with a shipping container is to turn it into a greenhouse. Buying a shipping container and turning it into a greenhouse is pretty easy. To make sure your plants get enough sunlight, you can set up some lamps on timers, so they receive the amount of light they need each day. You can also remove the top of the shipping container and add some sort of clear roof to allow the sunlight to filter in naturally. For the planters, you just need to add some vertical shelves, which can be made out of rain gutters for some plants. There are a few different ways you can set up a watering system for the plants. These can be a great addition to your yard, or if you have a restaurant it could easily sit behind it to provide you with fresh herbs and vegetables year-round.

Start Your Shipping Container Project

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Author: Auz Burger