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Mobile Education Made Easy with Shipping Containers


Shipping containers have become classrooms for both more rural areas of the world, and for overcrowded schools in the United States that need a more affordable option to expand what they currently have. Building a school or part of one out of shipping containers can be up to 20 percent cheaper than traditional construction, and since these containers are made of steel, they are more durable in poor weather conditions than a traditional building. Being able to move the school or classroom with ease is another part of the appeal to building a container school.

Samsung's Mobile Shipping Container School in Africa

Samsung has placed solar-powered containers in parts of Africa that have no electricity and installed cutting-edge technology to give children a quality education. Samsung’s mobile school fits 21 students and its solar panels can power the classroom for nine hours per day.

Shipping Container Classroom in Tanzania

In Tanzania, the charity Close the Gap and the electronics recycling company Arrow constructed a classroom out of a 40-foot container for a local orphanage. The DigiTruck, is a solar-powered classroom with repurposed laptops and tablets for children to use. There is room for up to 18 children to use the DigiTruck at once. The DigiTruck moves around the area so it can impact the lives of hundreds of children each year, and when it moves on all of the electronics in it are donated to the local children, so they can continue learning without the truck. After the first DigiTruck was built, several other companies in the United States built others, to help bring education to areas where children are not able to easily access electronics for learning.

Waldorf Shipping Container School in Orange County, California

The Waldorf School in Orange County, California is another school that utilizes shipping containers for their classrooms. Waldorf modified 32 shipping containers and added an additional 10,000 square feet worth of classrooms with shipping containers. It only took five months to build the new classrooms, which include a library and a two-story auditorium for the arts, and they were able to do 70 percent of the building off-site.

REALM Charter Shipping Container School in Berkeley, California

The REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California launched a campaign on Kickstarter to obtain the funds to build an 800 square foot classroom in 2012. The students helped build their open-air classroom using 40 shipping containers.

St. Bede Primary Shipping Container Academy in the United Kingdom

The St Bede Primary Academy in the United Kingdom replaced its 140-year-old buildings that were falling into disrepair with shipping containers. The school had to finance these renovations themselves and using shipping containers cost almost two-thirds less than using traditional construction materials would have, and the containers were easy to get, due to a trade imbalance between the Far East and the UK. They were able to add room for music, dance, a gym, and a section on the roof for outside activities- all things they were unable to have in the original building.

Container One Shipping Containers

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