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Rehabbed Shipping Containers Make Perfect Food Hall

In Detroit, a food hall built from 21 rehabbed shipping containers plans to open Memorial Day weekend. Designed and built by the Detroit Shipping Company, when finished, the food hall will be a $3.1 million, 12,000-square-foot, two-story structure. The half-indoors, half-outdoors food center will include seating that will be shared among six food vendors, two bars, pop-up space for microbreweries and a performance stage.

Why a Food Hall?

The term “food hall” comes to us from the United Kingdom. It is normally a large segment of a department store or retail center where food is sold. However, unlike food courts made up of fast food chains, food halls normally mix local artisan restaurants, breweries and other food-oriented boutiques in one section.

The Scene

At this particular food hall opening in Detroit, the food establishments will include a local taco and tapas vendor, an Asian-Caribbean chicken-focused food eatery, a Thai street food dive, a mom and pop ice cream shop, a burger joint, and a soup and sandwich café. Other spaces at the food hall will house a podcast studio, a rotating pop-up brewery, a T-shirt and print shop and two bars. The space can host events also, with a maximum occupancy of 600 people. When the weather is nice, they will set up games like ping-pong and cornhole outside

Why Shipping Containers?

Made out of already used shipping containers, he structure has nineteen 40′ containers and three 20′ containers. There are 88 cuts in the containers, edged by over 19 tons of steel.

The goal of the Detroit Shipping Company was to take something seasoned and well-traveled and give it a new life, which is sort of a metaphor for the city of Detroit itself.

The Detroit Shipping Company’s vision to use the discarded containers, and turning them into buildings, can prevent the use of bricks and cement since the production of cement is a major source of CO2. They found a good way to protect the environment against one of its biggest enemies. It also helps reduce the usage of steel saving about 3500 kilograms of the material – and this is with just one container.

Another reason for the Detroit Shipping Company’s reasoning for using shipping containers for their soon to be open food hall is that they are very affordable, and can be built incredibly fast. Instead of framing out a structure, renting a place, or investing in land, shipping containers can be bought for a much cheaper price, and can easily be moved. Shipping containers are also very durable, since they are designed to endure rough and unpredictable weather conditions, and intended to carry heavy cargo. In fact studies have determined that storage containers are normally more durable in tornadoes and earthquakes.

Is a Shipping Container a Fit for Your Project?

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