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The Detroit Shipping Company Brings Shipping Container Architecture to Detroit, MI

Shipping containers can be used for pretty much anything these days and constructing buildings out of them has become popular in recent years. The Detroit Shipping Company is another option of a company getting creative with shipping containers.

Detroit, Michigan's Shipping Container Food Hall

This food hall is almost 10,000-square-feet, it is two stories tall, and is made up of 21 shipping containers and has multiple restaurants, bars, a coffee shop, and an ice cream shop in it. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor eating, there is a stage set up for live music, and it has two art galleries for local artists.

The building cost approximately $3 million and took three years to construct, or as co-founder James Therkalsen puts it: “triple the time and double the budget.” The project was announced in 2015, and it opened in July 2018. Since the announcement of this project, other similar food halls began popping up in Detroit, Michigan.

“We went from a simple beer garden/food truck layout to a two-story build with a courtyard, five kitchen stalls, five artists/retailers’ spaces, a central stage, and roof decks … suddenly I'm looking at a project that, if it goes poorly, could cost me my house and my kids' college fund. That's no joke,” Therkalsen says.

Almost a year after its launch and the Detroit Shipping Company is a popular place in the city for food, drinks, and events. They have regular events, including stand up comedy, live music, and DJs; they also frequently have pop-up retail shops and quiz nights.

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 Author: Auz Burger