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Survival Shelters Made of Shipping Containers

People have been preparing end of the world survival shelters for years. The rich have poured millions of dollars into building underground survival shelters, some that look more like ritzy hotels than shelters, filled with amenities that can fulfill their every whim. But where does that leave the rest of us, who cannot spend millions on a shelter?

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Why Shipping Containers Make Sense as Survival Shelters

The durability of shipping containers makes them a great choice for a survival shelter. They can be easily customized to fit whatever you are looking for in a bunker or fallout shelter, and they are much more affordable than shelters made from more traditional materials, like concrete. You can get an empty storage container and customize it yourself, or you can get a container that is already customized to your specifications, so all you need to do is put it where you want it.

For those who need more space than a single Conex container allows, you can purchase multiple containers and connect them into a larger structure, giving you more room to store your food, water, and whatever else you need in your shelter, without giving up any of your living space. While getting multiple containers to connect does cost more, in the end, it is still less expensive than if it was constructed out of other materials.

Durability of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are made to withstand abuse while traveling onboard ships, so they can take a lot of damage before giving in, which is part of what makes them perfect for fallout shelters. They are resistant to fire and are generally waterproof, and they have been known to stand up to earthquakes. The materials are also resistant to bullets, but they are not bulletproof.

Even though these storage containers are durable and built to take a beating, you will need to reinforce your container if you plan to bury it. If it is not reinforced, the walls can buckle over time, potentially leaving you trapped, or if it happens before a disaster and you do not catch it in time, you could end up not having your perfect bunker when you need it.

Containers can be easily outfitted with solar panels, giving you electricity while you stay hidden in your shelter. With the security you get from having your shelter in a big steel box, you can easily keep out bugs and animals, and depending on how you customize it, they can be difficult to break into.

Customize Your Shipping Container Project with Container One

Container One offers many customization options for a survival shelter, a tiny home, or even a mobile library; the only limit is your imagination! With our excellent financing options and fast delivery nationwide, you can get your container fast and ready to be put to use. Visit today for more information on our products.