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A Simple Container Brings Clean Water and Power to Those in Need

Containers can do more than just shipping. Reused and recycled shipping containers are currently being outfitted with solar panels and water treatment and purification systems by an innovative company called OffGridBox. These incredible shipping containers are used to help NGOs, schools, hospitals, businesses, and homeowners around the world become sustainable and resilient.

The OffGridBox is an all-in-one system that provides sustainable energy and safe water to remote areas all around the world including the Philippines, South Africa, and many other regions of the world. The entire system fits into a 6x6x6 foot shipping container and is fully equipped with all the hardware and technology to produce electricity and clean water.

On the shipping container is a solar power array that captures sunlight and converts it into usable solar energy, a battery pack, a water collection system along the out parameter of the solar power array which collect rain, precipitation, and other forms of water and stores it for later treatment, and a state-of-the-art water treatment system. The water treatment system uses a bit of the solar energy to filter, sterilize, and distribute the water after it has been collected by the box’s collection system.

Easy to ship, store, and set up, the durable OffGridBox container offers a great solution to remote areas in need. The continues their mission to provide affordable clean water and renewable energy to remote areas around the world, one shipping container at a time.

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