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Shipping Containers Meet Water Sports in this Denmark Attraction

There is no amount of fun that cannot be had with shipping containers. From paintball barriers and laser-tag arenas to escape rooms and shipping container pools, there is simply nothing you cannot do with your container. A European engineering company, Sweco, has found yet another way to create wholesome entertainment using containers with this super fun water sports center in the beautiful city of Halsskov, Denmark.

Construction of the Shipping Container Water Sports Center in Denmark

This clever construction of shipping containers turned water sports center is made with new and recycled materials and with the goal “to ensure accessibility to the water and water sports activities at the old ferry port” according to Sweco. The company utilized containers for the facility building as well as the recognizable, yellow diving tower.

Diving Tower Made of Shipping Containers

The diving tower, made up of three containers, is stacked in a reverse stair-step design that allows for a four-meter, eight-meter, and 11-meter jump into the water and serves as the center’s visible marker for potential visitors. Its distinctive yellow signal color can be seen all to way from the Great Belt Bridge by onlookers and visitors. According to Sweco, “the buildings are covered with heat treated wood from sustainable forestry that ensures minimal maintenance. On the energy side, LED lighting is used to minimize total consumption.”

This storage container center is not only built for fun but is also built to last. What more could you ever ask from a simple shipping container?

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