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Stay Cool with a Shipping Container Pool

A pool is a common way for people to cool off in the summer, but finding a quality, above-ground pool can be difficult. Until now. Converting a shipping container into a swimming pool is a more affordable option, and you can do it with only a little help.  

The containers are designed to be waterproof from the outside, but not necessarily from the inside. Waterproofing can be done by welding a watertight layer to the inside. From there it will need to be treated to prevent rust.

You will need to get the roof cut off of the container, which will also allow you to control the depth of the pool. Further customization options can include making adjustments to the interior, such as a shallow end, or seating.

Getting plumbing set up can be tricky, but you can use the same parts as a traditional pool. You may need to consult a pool company for aid in this. You will need to take into account the power to keep your pool running, your water supply, and how you will drain your pool.

ContainerOne offers custom shipping containers at affordable prices, the only limit to our designs is your imagination. To start working on your custom container, visit us at today.

Shipping Container Pool

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