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Shipping Containers are a Paintballer’s Dream


Paintball is a fun and competitive sport that allows players to enjoy indoor and outdoor physical activity, strategy, and teamwork. If you’ve ever played a paintball match outdoors, or seen a tournament/event, you’ve probably seen the paintball fields absolutely covered in shipping containers. They aren’t just there for decoration. Shipping containers fulfill an important function for the field and the sport.

Five Reasons Why Shipping Containers are a Paintballer’s Dream

1. Shipping containers provide the necessary cover for a fun game.

Players can hide behind the large metal surface, plan ambushes for their opposing teams, take a moment to regroup and so much more.

2. The shipping containers add an element of suspense

By hiding a portion of the field from vision, shipping containers force players to proceed with caution, as the location of other team members is unknown. Players never quite know whether or not their rival team’s players are lying in wait on the other side.

3. Shipping containers provide a gritty and interesting aesthetic to the paintball field

The mood of the game, or the tournament, is largely set by the look and layout of the field. Certain containers may draw more or less attention depending on the color or outfits. A great aesthetic can set the tone for a wonderful game.

4. Color-coded shipping containers can signify bases and other important locations depending on the game

If players are enjoying a competitive game of Capture the Flag, certain shipping containers can signify team and rival team bases and can allow for a deeper level of strategy and game planning.

5. Empty shipping containers give team members an area to regroup and devise their plan while under its cover of protection

When a rival team is releasing an onslaught of paintballs, it’s necessary to have a shielded, hollow location to devise a plan of escape or a Hail Mary fight to the finish.

    As you can see, strategically placed and colored shipping containers can lend themselves to incredibly fun and competitive games. All of the points also apply to laser tag. Several indoor and outdoor paintball and laser tag business employ the same strategic uses of storage containers to provide their players with an unforgettable, fun experience.

    How to Buy Shipping Containers for Your Paintball Project

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