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The Most Creative Uses for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers provide a versatile pallet for people to create unique buildings and structures. When it comes to designing with shipping containers, you are really only limited by your imagination and creativity. I was amazed to see how some people were able to transform their shipping containers. Here are just a few of my favorite ideas that I can across.

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Shipping Container Potting Shed

One of the best aspects of shipping containers is that they are incredibly durable. This makes them the ideal choice for creating a potting shed. The container can easily be swept and cleaned and you will never have to worry about moisture or mold causing problems. Add a few shelves and you have a covered space to plant your seedlings and enjoy gardening.

Shipping Container Pop-Up Shop

Small pop-up shops are becoming more popular for businesses who want to get a start, but don’t have the money for a large location. A shipping container is the perfect size to accommodate food or other products and a few workers. It is also highly portable, so it can be moved to busy locations for better foot traffic. This allows small businesses to begin to build a following and work on expanding.

Shipping Container Playground

I was really impressed to see that some designers had turned shipping containers into fun and playful spaces for kids to explore. Since shipping containers can be completely customized, they can be turned into forts, outlooks, pirate ships or any other structure. It also helps that shipping containers are incredibly durable. They are more than capable of handling whatever the weather and kids throw at them for a playground that will continue to look like new.

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