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Shipping Container Playgrounds Enriching Children’s Lives

Shipping containers have been turned into countless things over the years, including children’s playgrounds. Since they are designed to be stacked and to last a long time, they are a great resource to bring playgrounds to children. These modifications have been popping up all over the world, giving children large areas to play while recycling a used shipping container.

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Skinners Shipping Container Playground in Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne, Australia, Phooey Architects designed Skinners Playground, which is comprised of four shipping containers, cut out and repositioned. Every material in the playground is recycled, scavenged, or salvaged, making this an eco-friendly endeavor. It was designed to look like a fort constructed by children, it was intended to provide a neighborhood backyard for the children to play in; local children even decorated it with murals. It has a lounge area where kids can work on homework after school, in addition to playing. There are even fun classes held there for things like painting and dancing.

Downtown Shipping Container Playground in Las Vegas, Nevada

At the Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, a playground was built in the center of the park. The Container Park is a mall of sorts, comprised of stores and restaurants, and it holds live performances and events for families. The playground in the center is a 40-foot container on its end and at the top is a window that allows you to see the entire Park.

Kids Safe Zone Made of Shipping Containers in Baltimore, Maryland

In Baltimore, Maryland the Kids Safe Zone opened to give at-risk children between five and 17 a safe place they could go to for anything from homework assistance to eating a meal to playing Xbox with other kids. While this is not a playground in the traditional sense that the others are, this shipping container haven has given children access to activities and games to play together, so it is still in a sense, a playhouse and safe haven.

Shipping containers can also be modified into a little playhouse for a child. They can be turned into castles, pirate ships, secret lairs, spaceships, and anything else a child can think of. When modifying a container into a playhouse it is important to give it ventilation, so the children are comfortable while playing. These are especially good if someone does not have a big enough yard, or no yard at all, but have a place to park a container; they are also good in areas that have poor weather for a good portion of the year, giving children a dry and safe place to play.

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