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Five Things You Can Turn Your Shipping Container Into

Have you ever wanted to start a garden but didn’t have the proper atmosphere and temperature? Or start a little cafe in the middle of a community park? Container One is the answer. Here’s a list of five totally creative inventions you can turn your Container One shipping containers into at an affordable price.

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Shipping Container Swimming Pool

Shipping containers are a great way to build yourself a cute pool for your backyard. Instead of spending thousands on trying to find the perfect pool with the precise calculations to fit into your backyard just buy a ContainerOne shipping container and you’re good to go! Now there is no need to dig or plot. All you need to do is drop it in and you’re good to go. This way your pool will stand out from the rest of your neighbors’ unoriginal boring pools!

Shipping Container Housing

Forty percent of college students live on campus. That means there have to be a lot of dorms which can get pretty costly for many colleges making them have to resort to dingy mold infested rooms for college students. That is why some colleges in France have started using actual shipping containers to house their students. Even some places in the Netherlands have resorted to shipping containers as a resort to apartment complexes. With installed electricity, heat, A/C, and plumbing who wouldn’t want to live there?

Shipping Container Garden Shed

Many people looking to start their very own gardens find they can’t because of too cold temperatures or frequent natural disasters. That’s why many are turning to use shipping containers to start their very own gardens. With a steel roof and walls, your garden isn’t going anywhere. Add some indoor lights and even a watering system you can start a garden with anything in it. Vegetables, fruits, flowers! You name it you can make it.

Portable Shipping Container Emergency Hospitals

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve needed some stitches and fast but the closest hospital was so far? With ContainerOne Emergency Hospital shipping containers that problem can be fixed. With these shipping container Emergency Hospitals, we can provide vaccinations not only at a faster rate but on a more wide-scale map. Imaging places like Liberia or Ethiopia where healthcare is scarce or non-existent. With these portable Emergency Hospitals, we can at least provide the necessary vaccinations and treatments without having to build a hospital.

Portable Shipping Container Restrooms

Have you ever been at a fair or concert and had to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to use the confined, filthy porta-potties? What about shipping container bathrooms?

By using shipping containers as bathrooms you can provide a larger, cleaner alternative to porta-potties. With these portable container bathrooms, you can keep people sanitary and happy while not being afraid to actually use the bathroom at a public event.