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Shipping Container Cities

Shipping containers are so versatile, they can be turned into almost anything. There are malls, apartments, offices, and more that have been constructed with shipping containers. But some people came up with the idea to construct an entire city out of shipping containers.

San Andrés Cholula's Container City 

About two hours outside of Mexico City, in San Andrés Cholula is Container City. This shipping container town is comprised of 50 shipping containers and takes up 48,500 square feet. The containers were all brightly painted and are arranged and stacked to make streets, alleys, and courtyards. The city has apartments, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and bookstores. Container City also offers vintage clothing stores, high-end cuisine, chic bars, and it is full of contemporary art. There is even an area with ping pong tables that is open to the public.

Container City was designed to be as respectful to the environment as possible. The entire city was constructed with recycled materials, using things like bottle caps and plastic tubing in some places, and the construction was all local.

Container City Planning

Gabriel Esper Caram and Daniel Miguel came up with the idea for the city after seeing a similar structure in London, and another in Amsterdam. They began building in 2007 with a 16,500 square foot area near Las Américas University Puebla, a private university. The students immediately claimed Container City as their space and continued to inhabit it as it grew to the size it is now. Like many things in the Cholula area, the city caters to the students, but it is set up for anyone of any age to enjoy. Live music happens almost every night, features top DJs from Mexico City at Taxi Cerveceria, and hosts events regularly.

“The creation of a type of Soho or Palermo or Condesa was a fundamental objective, realized with high regard for the needs of the tenants and the magnificent location [near the pyramid],” Caram and Miguel, who also wanted to build something sustainable, explain on their website. “If you love all things on the vanguard, urban design, or following the latest design and style trends, you should come get to know this project.”

This hip urban complex is only the beginning, soon there may be more of these shipping container microcities popping up all over the world. They are significantly more affordable to build your business than something built out of the traditional brick and mortar construction materials, and there is a surplus of them across the globe, so they are easy to find and purchase.

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