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Affordable Shipping Container Office Buildings

Shipping container design and innovation have taken another leap as individuals have found another affordable and sustainable use of containers: chic office spaces. Reused and recycled shipping containers are shined up and organized into comfortable, contemporary offices in this Danish architectural firm, Arcgency Studio. 

Described as an “office to feed contemporary needs” by architects, the project called “STACK II” is a new and improved update to its preceding sister project known as “STACK I.” Project STACK II features high quality office spaces from repurposed shipping containers and is designed for disassembly. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, this container office building accomodates a 1.000m2 sized office space 

Given the project's success and its amazing design functionality, the STACK II project is expected to be used in other locations, specifically Nordhavnen (or Nordhavn), for roughly ten years before being disassembled to make space for a permanent structure in the future. It may also be used in other temporary construction elsewhere. 

In response to the decline of industry in many areas and the subsequent rise of abandoned buildings and an increase in small businesses, the STACK II project arose with the need to take advantage of unused, derelict land to create an affordable office space for growing companies. Made of more than 90% recycled material, the project takes a step towards sustainability as well. 

The structure consists of 20-foot-tall shipping containers stacked three stories high and arranged in two rows. Big open windows provide quite a bit of sunlight and a nice view to keep the space comfortable. 

The STACK II office spaces provide a calming and chic environment for employees to continue creating more innovative and stylish designs. 

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