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Best Commercial Uses for Shipping Containers

Gone are the days when shipping containers only had one purpose. There are many innovative ways that shipping containers can be used for commercial purposes, with only imagination limiting the possibilities. Businesses are quickly transforming containers into growing spaces, mobile offices, and more.


Shipping containers are rapidly showing up as kiosks and storefronts across the world. The containers are popular due to their versatility and movability. Businesses can quickly construct shops directly on the street, without taking up much room. The containers are often look just like a real brick and mortar store, inviting customers to walk in and shop. They are also an excellent choice because they are not easily broken into.

Shipping containers have also gained popularity at festivals. Companies are using the containers as pop-up shops to sell their merchandise at concerts and fairs. The containers are a popular choice because the businesses can construct the insides of the container off-site, and simply move the container to the festivals when needed.

Growing Spaces

Some farming companies have also jumped on the shipping container bandwagon. Shipping containers are used as greenhouses and indoor farms, housing everything from strawberries to herbs. The spaces are equipped with grow lights, ventilation, and irrigation systems, making them the perfectly-controlled environment for growing delicious produce. The containers are also popular because companies can stack them and use less space than a traditional farm.

Produce Stands

Farmers and businesses are also converting shipping containers into produce stands. The containers are favorable because the produce can be temperature and light-controlled, which is especially important during scorching summer days or cooler autumn nights. The containers also look more professional and welcoming than tattered tents that usually are found on the outskirts of the farm.

Mobile Offices

Construction sites are notorious for using expensive trailers for their mobile offices. More and more companies are realizing that shipping containers cannot only provide the same durability as a trailer, but they’re also a fraction of the price. Shipping containers are popular as mobile offices because they can be easily transported from construction site to site without moving the contents inside.


Instead of spending money on pricey billboards, companies are ramping up their creativity and using shipping containers as advertisements. Businesses have transformed containers into giant toasters, cameras, and rowing machine stations. The creative use of these containers has grabbed passersby’s’ interest, drawing positive attention to the products or services being sold.


While storage isn’t the most creative use of shipping containers, it is very practical and popular for companies. Businesses can stack containers outside of their warehouses, as opposed to spending money building a larger warehouse to store excess material. Because shipping containers are air-tight and waterproof, companies can rest easy knowing their goods will not be damaged despite unfavorable weather conditions outside.


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