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Would you Try a Flashy Shipping Container Penthouse Like This?

What does the outside of your home say about you? For this Brooklyn, New York home with a bright orange shipping container penthouse, we can only assume that it says the homeowners are bright, fun, open-minded, creative, and practical.

Shipping Container Penthouse in New York

This shipping container penthouse stands out among the Brooklyn skyline, but what is it about? Designed by New York and Naples design studio LOT-EK, this container addition to the Brooklyn home was designed to reflect the image of the small family living inside of it. The Brooklyn family includes an artist, gallerist, and their child.

The project upcycles shipping containers to remodel an existing two-story Irving place carriage house. While the entire home had been outfitted with four recycled shipping containers throughout its interior structure, the penthouse storage container extends from the roof and serves as a noticeable bright spot among the other homes.

Shipping Containers Offer an Eco-Friendly Solution

The bright orange container acts as a chic, accentuating pop of color throughout the home and draws everything together with one cohesive transition.  LOT-EK prides themselves with reusing and recycling materials to create their artistic visions. The company states that “LOT-EK scans the environment in search of manmade objects and systems… exploits objects as raw material for architecture… [and] upcycles objects to create remarkable buildings.” Surely this is the case here, as the beautiful Brooklyn home serves as a reminder for all passersby that beauty comes in all shapes and forms.

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